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Xbox One price

New Xbox One SDK makes seventh core accessible to developers

You may have heard that during the week, hackers released the new Xbox One SDK for the purpose of “creativity and research”. While we don’t condone the hacking, we can’t help but notice what was revealed by it. According to Digital Foundry, who has dug into the new SDK, Microsoft has just opened up the seventh core of the Xbox One for developers to start using – prior to this, both the Xbox One and the PS4 have reserved two whole cores for background processing. With this change, developers will be able to access up to “50 to 80 percent of a seventh core”, and according to Digital Foundry this could mean “a small amount of multi-platform titles released during Q4 2014 may have possessed performance advantages over their PS4 counterparts in certain scenarios”. More power, no complaints right? Unfortunately, this change does come at a cost. The extra processing power ...

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Xbook Duo

The Xbook Duo combines both an Xbox One and Xbox 360 in laptop format

Eddie Zarick is a pretty handy guy – his personal projects featured on his YouTube channel include – but are not limited to – the Playbook 4 (a portable PlayStation 4) and the Xbook One (a portable Xbox One). Both DIY modification jobs look very impressive, but Zarick has decided to take this to the next level with the Xbook Duo. Now, if you’re thinking this has something to do with the Xbox One, you’re absolutely correct, except that this time, instead of just having one console in the same portable box, Zarick has managed to get an Xbox 360 in there too. Check out the video of Zarick giving a tour of his handiwork: This is beyond amazing, and it’s an impressive looking customization to boot. I don’t know if the case gives the Xbox One quite enough ventilation as I know mine gets quite hot even with 75% of the panels ...

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Xbox Games with Gold

Happy New Year: January’s Xbox Games with Gold have been announced

Not one to skip a beat, even with the Holiday Season around, Microsoft has announced January’s Xbox Games with Gold. For those who haven’t heard, Microsoft offers free games to Xbox Live Gold subscribers every month, with the last few months netting Xbox One owners one game every month, and Xbox 360 owners double that. We’re getting the same arrangement this month, with the Xbox One’s title being Access Games’ D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, and the Xbox 360 getting both MX vs ATV Alive and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition. D4 will be available for the whole month for Xbox One owners, and follows the story of David Young as he tries to figure out the details of his wife’s murder through his use of (somewhat) disjointed time travel abilities. Xbox 360 owners have MX vs ATV to look forward to in the first half of the month ...

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Xbox LIVE services in Australia

Microsoft officially announces Xbox LIVE services in Australia

The opening of Azure Data Centres in a country typically hails the arrival of local Xbox LIVE services, but Microsoft almost had us thinking that the opening of two Azure Data Centres in Sydney and Melbourne were merely token efforts in Australia. Thankfully, they aren’t, as Microsoft officially announced today the arrival of Xbox LIVE services in Australia. In a statement, Xbox Lead for Microsoft Australia, Jeremy Hinton said: “It has been a very exciting year for both Xbox and the industry. We set out to deliver amazing experiences on the Xbox One platform, and are humbled by the support and positive response from Aussie gamers to the updates over the past 12 months. Today’s announcement of Australian based Xbox Live servers addresses the most requested feature from local gamers. We are excited to give our fans the best online gaming experience available, just in time for the Holidays.” What this means in ...

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xbox one february update

Xbox draws blood for the first time: Xbox One outsold the PS4 in November

With a price cut of $50 and shopping for the Holiday season rife, it’s no surprise to see that the Xbox One has finally come out on top in the NPD‘s November report. The news that the Xbox One outsold the PS4 in November dropped just this week, and Microsoft was quick to celebrate, saying: “November set a new record for sales of Xbox One, and Xbox One was the best-selling console in the US and UK. “Response to the holiday lineup of games on Xbox One was incredible, with Xbox One fans buying more games in November in the US than any other gen eight platform and enjoying over 357 million hours of gameplay globally. “In fact, more fans logged into Xbox Live across Xbox One and Xbox 360, and enjoyed more entertainment, than any other month in the history of Xbox. We love to see the excitement from our ...

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Xbox One price

Black Friday sales show that the Xbox One outsold the PS4 by large margin

We’ve known for quite some time that the PS4 is leading the Xbox One in overall console sales since their debut over a year ago – the fact that Sony claims sales dominance with each passing quarter is probably a good indicator of this. However, Microsoft has most recently cut the Kinect out of its standard bundle and slashed its prices to the point where it now costs less than the PS4 for the first time. Add in America’s most frenetic shopping day of the year, Black Friday, and now you have the perfect situation where it’s possible that the Xbox One outsold the PS4, and as it turns out, it did and by a big margin too. As the infographic above shows, the Xbox One far and away won Black Friday sales with 53% of all console sales on that fateful day. Of notable significance is the fact that 90% of ...

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Plex for Xbox

Plex finds its way to Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Plex is without a doubt my favorite media serve application to date. The Plex team has apps across every major mobile platform, the major connected TV devices and even offers a dedicated Home Theater build if you have a PC set up on your TV as your media center. They work hard to implement new features, function and to bring the services to other devices that we all know and love. Today I am happy to announce that Plex is finally coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One.   Don’t go freaking out just yet though. There are a few small details that you might want to know ahead of time. For instance, the Xbox One version of the application is available for immediate download as a preview for Plex Pass subscribers. Where as the Xbox 360 version of the app is not quite ready, but will be out soon ...

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Xbox 360 BattleBlock Theater Featured

Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games with Microsoft Games with Gold for July 16th 2014

  Time for the latest and greatest freebies from Microsoft in the Microsoft Games with Gold release for July 16th 2014.  Don’t forget to check back on the 1st and 16th of every month if you have a Microsoft Xbox Live Gold membership and download your free games. The beginning of this month Microsoft Games with Gold released the action multi-player fighter Gotham City Impostors for the Xbox 360 and Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition for the Xbox One.  Another couple of good games added to the complete list of free games released by Microsoft. Lets take a look and see what we have for the second week of July.   Battleblock Theatre – Xbox 360 Shipwrecked. Captured. Betrayed. Forced to perform for an audience of cats? Wait, what?? You’ve just unlocked the door to BattleBlock Theater! There’s no turning back once you’ve started on your quest to free your imprisoned friends from evil technological ...

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Microsoft Games With Gold Logo

Free XBox One and XBox 360 Games with Microsoft Games with Gold for July 1st 2014 [UPDATED]

Time for the latest and greatest freebies from Microsoft in the Microsoft Games with Gold release for July 1st 2014.  Don’t forget to check back on the 1st and 16th of every month if you have a Microsoft XBox Live Gold membership and download your free games. Looks like another month with only a free game for the XBox 360.  they do sometimes follow up in the coming days with more, but for now here’s what we have.   UPDATE: According to a post on Microsoft Wire, There is another game coming today for the XBox One. Coming July 2, “Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition” is a challenging brawler/platformer, arriving via the [email protected] self-publishing   UPDATE 2: While it’s still not on the Microsoft Games with Gold site, I searched the store and it’s already available for FREE for the XBox One.  See below for info and the download link.   Gotham City Impostors – XBox ...

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Microsoft Games with Gold Complete List

Microsoft Games with Gold the Complete Release List

We’ve been recently posting the latest updates for the Microsoft Games with Gold on the 1st and 16th of each month.  We also decided to created a complete list if what’s been released in the past just in case you wanted to find out. Many people ask the question “Can I download all the previous games they released?”  Unfortunately the answer is NO. Once the free download has expired, you have to pay the full price.  If you remember to check each time a new game is released and purchase it at the free price, it’s your forever.  So even if your not going to play the right now, its a good idea to go and download them anyway. The links below will take you to the release announcement page with info about the games.   Game Console Date Added BattleBlock Theater Xbox 360 16th July 2014 Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship ...

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