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Steam Summer sale

Brace yourselves, a Steam sale is coming: 11th of June allegedly the start date for Steam Summer sale

If there’s one thing that is sure to clear your wallet of money – that doesn’t start with “C” and end in “Christmas” – is a Steam sale, and it’s very possible that one is going to start on June 11th. Details of what’s probably going to be the Steam Summer sale was posted up on Valve‘s VKontakte page, which is kind of like Facebook, and says that said sale will be happening between June 11th and June 20th, to be followed by 2 days of encore sales. That does sound exactly what a Steam Summer sale would be like, so we’re inclined to believe it, for now. We especially like the note at the end of the post which reads (translated): “Also we advise to read our guidance on sales, not to spend all the money in one day”. Classic Valve. We’re probably going to get nothing out of Valve ...

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concurrent steam users

New record for number of concurrent Steam users as numbers hit over 8.5 million

If you’re any kind of a PC gamer, it’s virtually impossible to avoid Steam, Valve‘s one-stop service for pretty much all games. And with the Holiday Season still in full swing in some places, it’s not surprising to see the previous record for concurrent Steam users get smashed just a few days into the New Year. The previous record occurred June 2014 when 8,020,700 people were seen using the service at the same time, but just a few days past on January 2nd when 8,500,245 people were logged being online. These numbers are a far cry from analysts predicting the end of PC gaming a few years ago as the community is clearly still alive and well. A big factor for those numbers are likely the combination of the Steam sales that have recently just ended and people logging on to play those games lest they remain unplayed until the next sale. The ...

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Steam Controller

Valve’s highly anticipated Steam Controller grows a thumbstick

The humble game controller has seen precious little innovation over the last 10 years, but Valve’s Steam Controller has recently shown itself to be a shining beacon of change. Sporting two touchpads, where traditional thumbsticks usually are, the controller is a breath of fresh design and has intrigued the gaming community with how it might be to use. Valve has changed their Steam controller once again, here’s an image showing the latest revision pic.twitter.com/kFVhMQ0XrC — Steam Database (@SteamDB) July 23, 2014 Valve has been tinkering with the design over the last few months, adding buttons, and has just announced yet another change via its Twitter account, the design of which you can see above. If you have been following the controller’s progress, you will notice this new design has replaced the 4 directional buttons with a thumbstick; the previous design is below for comparison. Presumably Valve is making these updates based ...

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