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Will Ferrell Hates Cancer

Will Ferrell Hates Cancer, hosting charity event to raise $375,000 and chance to game with the man himself

Will Ferrell is a pretty famous guy, and regardless of whether you like his plethora of comedy exploits, I think you’ll be able to agree this initiative of his is a very good thing. Hosted on a website called willferrellhatescancer.org, Ferrell is working with Funny or Die to challenge gamers to raise $375,000 for charities that include Cancer for College and DonateGamers.org. Once this target is achieved, Ferrell will host a 2 hour gaming event on October 26th to be streamed on Twitch.tv, the cast of which will include pro gamers, special guests, and potentially, you. Yes, with a minimum of a $10 pledge to this charity drive, which is taking the form of an Indiegogo campaign, you could win an all expenses paid trip for two to San Francisco to game with Ferrell, as well as an opportunity to check out the Twitch offices and hang with everybody involved in the event ...

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