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The Interview into North Korea

South Korean activist plans to drop DVDs and USBs of The Interview into North Korea

We can’t imagine that North Korean citizens would take too kindly to watching their Shining Leader in a comedy flick – unless they all have wonderful senses of humour – but one South Korean activist seems to think that airdropping 100,000 DVDs and USBs containing The Interview into North Korea is a good idea. The film, starring James Franco and Seth Rogan, has most recently become embroiled in a confusing affair that has involved the hacking of Sony Pictures, but has since looked like an elaborate public relations and political stunt to implicate North Korea, though we will probably never know the whole truth. Park Sang-hak, who now lives in South Korea after defecting from the North, is working with the non-profit Human Rights Foundation to fund Park’s unique gesture including adding Korean subtitles to The Interview. It may be all for nothing, however, as what little we know of North Korea suggests ...

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