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Google Project Fi Featured

Googles Project Fi Can be Awesome but it’s been a little Google-ized

Googles Project Fi – The Sign up Process I decided it was time to upgrade my phone.  The screen on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a crack across the top corner and I’m getting pretty tired of the slowdowns I keep experiencing from the Samsung TouchWiz interface.  I love Android but I want a pure Android experience so I’ve decided to choose the Google Nexus brand of phones.  They are pure Android and the latest batch are some of the most powerful Android devices you can buy. In the process of choosing a Google Nexus device, I also decided that I’m going to give Googles Project Fi Cell Service a chance.  Project Fi, for those who don’t already know, is Googles own cell phone service that works in a slightly different and much more simplistic manner to other cellphone providers. Project Fi uses T-Mobile and Sprint networks for its mobile networks access.  ...

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TMobile Test Drive

T-Mobile Wants You to Have a 7 Night Stand Free of Charge

This evening T-Mobile announced quite a few things at their Uncarrier 5 unveiling in Seattle, like Uncarrier 6 also. One of the announcements was a partnership with Apple and a new 7 night stand free trial. The basic premises let you cheat on your carrier for 7 nights 100% risk free. No obligations, no charges, no upfront payments, no anything. Well, almost anything. “We think everybody should cheat on their carrier and enjoy every minute of it” said John Legere during the event when he started talking about the promotion. It all sounded good until we started looking through the terms on the test drive website. First thing to know is that it is for an iPhone 5s. You don’t get to test drive any device. John’s answer as to why an iPhone was simple, they found that not a lot of people know T-Mobile even carries the iPhone and second ...

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