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Ubisoft is waiting to see how EA Access does before releasing its own subscription service

EA’s all-you-can-eat buffet service, EA Access, launched last week to generally tacit approval from the gaming community. The biggest question that hangs over it, particularly for its subscribers – which includes yours truly – is whether the service has the legs to make it as a decent subscription service. While it is certainly a good deal for the first year with 4 games available for $30 USD, whether this is still good value in one year’s time remains to be seen. One party that is cautiously watching EA Access’ success is Ubisoft, who says they won’t launch a similar service till they can see EA Access is being widely adopted by gamers. When Game Informer spoke with Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, he had this to say in relation to subscription services: “I think it makes the publisher more important in the player’s mind. Often, people are only interested in one brand from ...

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Xbox One sales

Sony’s financial report reveals the PS4 is likely outselling the Xbox One

It’s still very early days in this “next-gen” console cycle, but it is clear that Sony‘s offering, the Sony PlayStation 4, has taken an early lead over its rival the Microsoft Xbox One. While there’s likely still a long time left in this cycle (the last lasted for 8 years), it’s a testament to Sony’s efforts in trying to define this era that have resulted in it reporting a 96% increase in its games revenue and some information that suggests the PS4 is likely outselling the Xbox One. Not too shabby at all. Sony reported that it generated 257.5 billion Yen ($2.5 billion USD) in the last quarter and sold 3.5 million console units, which includes both PS4 and PS3 consoles. This is in stark contrast of Microsoft reporting that it had shipped, not sold, 1.1 million consoles; yes, that’s including both Xbox One and Xbox 360. This is extremely encouraging ...

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