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Screenshots are coming to the Xbox One

Screenshots are coming to the Xbox One “early this year”

For some time, one of the top things on Xbox One gamer’s wishlists has been the ability to take screenshots. This seems almost unintuitive since the Xbox’s video capture system is actually quite advanced, but Xbox head Phil Spencer has previous said that it’s actually “a little more technically challenging” than you might think. Thankfully though, Spencer says that screenshots are coming to the Xbox One sometime “early this year”. Whenever this update does materialize, it will mark the end of an ordeal since May 2014 when the idea was first suggested. While screenshots wouldn’t be a dealbreaker when purchasing a console, the Sony PlayStation 4 has been able to take screenshots since its launch in November 2013, so it’s a little disappointing that a solution hasn’t come up before this. This is particularly ironic given the emphasis that Xbox puts on the social and community aspect of its ecosystem and being ...

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Final Fantasy VII on PS4

Final Fantasy VII on PS4 is now going to be a reality in 2015

With every successive Sony PlayStation generation, the questioning gets stronger: will Final Fantasy VII be brought to this platform? Well, it seems Sony has finally listened (or caved in) and will be putting Final Fantasy VII on PS4 in Spring 2015. The news was announced today at PlayStation Experience which announced a whole number of other PS4 exclusives like Uncharted 4, Yakuza 5 and Persona 5. Unfortunately, it won’t be the remastered Final Fantasy VII that we’ve all been pining for – it will probably be closer to a port of the PC version released not too long ago – but at least it’s happening at all. It will still possess the blocky graphics from when the game was first released on the original PlayStation in 1997, though some might say this will make the nostalgic experience even better. I have to say, this is the first time that I’ve truly ...

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20 years of PlayStation

20 years of PlayStation celebrated with a PSone themed grey PS4

20 years ago, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) launched one of the most important consoles in video game history: the original Sony PlayStation. Since then, there have been three additions to the PlayStation family, culminating in the PS4, and to celebrate 20 years of PlayStation, SCE is making a limited edition PS4 that is themed like – you guessed it – a PlayStation. The matte grey exterior that graces the console, controller and camera brings back many fond memories, though you’ll have to be ready if you want to make good on that nostalgia – SCE is only making 12,300 of the limited edition consoles which will go up for pre-order on December 6th. Still, if you can’t get your hands on the limited edition PS4, there is also a PSone theme for the PS4 that Sony has made available recently, which even includes that iconic start-up sound. Although I am ...

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YouTube Playstation 4

Official YouTube app Launched by Google for the Playstation 4, brings 1080p viewing and Gameplay Sharing

Playstations 4 owners rejoice today as Google launches YouTube app for the console. This is a bit of a bigger deal than some might think as this is not just simply a YouTube app so so you can sit around watching videos of cats all day. While a person certainly can do that, and in 1080p no less, the app brings in a great feature for gamers, the ability to share your gameplay directly to YouTube from the Share button your DualShock4 controller. When you choose to upload your video you will get a chance to trim it up a bit and preview the clip. Once satisfied with your handy work you can give it a title, description, tags and privacy settings. Google mentions that the new app offers the latest designs from the YouTube on TV app that makes browsing smoother and faster.  The new YouTube app for PS4 ...

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