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marvel and telltale games

Match made in comic book heaven: Marvel and Telltale Games to make video games together

If there’s a game studio who’s on a roll this past year, it would have to be Telltale Games. After inking deals with the hugely popular Game of Thrones and Minecraft franchises, it was announced by Marvel a few days ago that Marvel and Telltale Games will be making video games together based on Marvel intellectual property. Given Telltale Games’ proven ability to accurately convey emotional and brooding stories in previous games like The Walking Dead, this would go perfectly in hand with the darker stories of the Marvel Universe, and I’m honestly struggling to contain my excitement. Marvel Games creative director, Bill Roseman, did say, however, that the games developed under the partnership would feel “exquisite” and “sexy” – this is interesting as this isn’t generally the vibe that I get from Telltale Games’ current games, despite their storytelling prowess, so presumably some collaboration is going to go on between the two parties to make ...

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teaser trailer for Ant-Man

Marvel trolls everyone with an ant-sized teaser trailer of a teaser trailer for Ant-Man

Marvel is probably the biggest proponent in the film industry of making teaser trailers of teaser trailers, to pretty much everyone’s chagrin, and it appears they’ve gone to a new level of trolling. Many fans are excited about the new Ant-Man movie and today Marvel released the teaser trailer of the teaser trailer for Ant-Man, however, there’s something a little off about the video itself. Take a look for yourself: Yes, the video is ant-sized. There’s no real way to see what’s in the tiny footage that plays during this teaser (I guess unless you’re an ant), so we’ll just have to wait until January 6th when the human-sized teaser trailer is released. Let us know in the comments whether you like this kind of thing or if you think it’s a bit excessive. Source: YouTube

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