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LG Display Art Slim

LG Display announces the ‘Art Slim’ UHD LCD panel, is 75% thinner and 25% lighter

We all want super slim products in our lives. From our ultra thin smartphones and tablets to our super thin TVs. It seems like just yesterday that huge boxes were sitting on equally large entertainment centers. Now we are mounting our flat screens to our walls, and in some cases, our ceilings. The thickness of the modern-day TV is getting even thinner with the announcement of a new LG Display UHD LCD panel, the Art Slim. The Art Slim brings the “TV like a Picture frame” thickness to our living-rooms with some pretty outstanding sounding dimensions. A TV sporting a 55-inch UHD panel comes in at just 7.5mm thick. Compare that to a typical flat panel LCD that is around 30mm thick. The thickness reduction also makes this super light at 10.4kgs. For us Americans that translates to 0.29 inches and almost 23 pounds. Bump the screen size to 65-inches and it ...

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Google Wear Samsung Wear Live and LG G Watch

Is the time of the Smart Watch finally here? Google says Yes with Android Wear.

Samsung have been trying hard for the last year or so to get their family of smart watches into the hands of Samsung mobile phone users and they’ve been doing a pretty good job for the techies among us, but it’s a hard sell when they only work with Samsung Android devices.     Then came Google with the announcement that they were working on a smart phone platform called Android Wear that would end the tie into to specific manufacturers and instead, open up the smart watch platform to all Android devices, or at least those that have the latest versions of Android compatible with the new platform.  Android Wear works with phones running Android 4.3 or higher.  Google has created a compatibility checking page allowing you to check if your device is supported by Android Wear. If you’ve been following the news today from the Google IO conference, you may have seen that the ...

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LG Screen Pixels

At What Point are More Pixels Too Many Pixels?

Everybody loves more pixels or at least the manufacturers want us to.  The war for larger more clear display in smartphones is on and has been for a long time.  Manufacturers keep upping the game with larger displays and larger resolutions.  For the larger screen devices, increased the resolution is a good thing as it ensures that our displays are sharp making everything easier to read. Look at the latest smartphone from LG, the LG G3.  It’s one of the first smartphones to feature a 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution or what they are calling quad HD.   Sounds awesome doesn’t it, but at what point do the extra pixels become irrelevant and only degrade our overall experience?   Let’s look at the pros of a larger resolution display. The obvious pro to a larger resolution display is the clarity or sharpness of everything displayed on it.  Text should be cleaner ...

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