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Seidio Ledger Case HTC One M8 Front

Seidio Ledger Case for HTC One M8 Review

There’s a good selection for cases for HTC One M8, and one of the alternatives to HTC DOT View Case we previously reviewed is the Seidio Ledge case.  It’s a great case that offers more than just protection and it does things the HTC One M8 can’t, and that’s open properly. You most likely already know about Seidio as they’ve been making cases long before the first days of Android.  Seidio was in fact the very first case I purchased for old faithful TMobile G1, which must be about five years ago now. The Ledger case is similar to the Dot View case being a flip style case.  The front cover slips open like a book giving great protection to the screen as well.  While the back of your phone sits inside the harder Polyurethane shell making up the back of the case.  The cover flip itself offers a cloth ...

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Griffin Reveal Case In Hand

Griffin Reveal Case Review for the HTC One M8

What the one thing you want to do when you buy a snazzy new smartphone? Show it off to your friend’s maybe! There is a way to protect your new smartphone without hiding it and that’s the new Reveal case for the HTC One M8 from Griffin Technology. The Griffin Reveal case for the HTC One M8 protects your phone by adding only about a millimeter to its size and with its clear back, still preserves the look of your shiny phone. There really isn’t much to say about the Reveal case. Inside the box you’ll find just the case and not a lot else, not even any screen protection. If you ask me, any case should come with a screen protector. If you want to protect your phone, this also means the screen. The outer edges of the case are made of poly-carbonate with an ultra-thin rubberized interior lining ...

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HTC Dot View Case Weather Temp

HTC Dot View Case Review. Its Not For Everyone.

When HTC release the HTC One M8 earlier this year, they released the HTC Dot View Case at the same time.  A case like none we’d seen before.  Not only did it protect your phone, but it has a dot matrix style hole system on the front allowing the phone screen to show information through the case.  I can only describe it as a retro looking design more akin to old 8-bit video game. It’s definitely unique among cases. The HTC One Dot View case is a flip cover case so if this is not what you’re looking for, you can probably stop reading now.  The Dot View case is nice looking, feels tough and adds a pretty cool novelty factor to your phone.  It’s a great idea, but they also make you pay $50 for it. The Dot View case feels nice and fits perfectly.  The back of the case ...

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