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Evolve Big Alpha Impressions on Xbox One

Evolve Big Alpha Impressions on Xbox One: Big on action, and big on loading screens

The Evolve Big Alpha was on earlier this week, the highly anticipated four-vs-one  shooter’s second alpha outing, this time spanning all supported consoles (though jury’s still out on whether PS4 players got their worth out of it all). Developer, Turtle Rock Studios, appears to be taking development slower after it was announced by Take-Two Interactive and 2K Games that Evolve would be delayed till February 2015 as opposed to releasing on its original release date of October 2014. Seeing as that original October release date has now passed us by, how did the Big Alpha stack up to everybody’s, and our, expectations? Now, we know many of you who are reading this will already be fans of Evolve already – you know the idea behind the four-vs-one gameplay  and how intense the gameplay can get – so won’t cover the basics of how the game works, instead just talking about the things we liked or disliked ...

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Evolve Big Alpha extended for two more days, finally live on the PS4

The Evolve Big Alpha has been going on for the last three days, giving gamers a taste of what Evolve is going to play like in its final form, however if you’ve been trying to play on the PS4, you’ve so far been left high and dry due to a lack of PS4 support. Luckily, a PS4 firmware update has appeared which will finally allow you to take part along with the PC and Xbox One gamers. As a gesture of goodwill, 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios are extending the Evolve Big Alpha on all platforms until November 4th, 12PM PST, which should give even the PS4 players a decent feel of what the game is going to feel like in the future. This isn’t the first time the PS4’s firmware has caused some issues with Destiny suffering a similar fate in the days after its release. I’ve been ...

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