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Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst isn’t going to force gun gameplay on you this time

The original Mirror’s Edge game was a masterpiece of parkour and immersive first-person action sequences. It would have been perfect, except that EA and DICE decided that just because the enemies had guns, it meant you should be able to wield them too. As you can probably see, given that Mirror’s Edge was a parkour-first game, the tacked on gun gameplay felt out of place, and in its next chapter, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (announced at E3 2015 yesterday), EA has clarified that gun gameplay, at least for protagonist Faith, has been removed from the game. In an interview with Polygon today, senior producer Sara Jansson gave a few reasons for this: “In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, you won’t be using any guns at all. We’ve completely removed that aspect of the game. You can’t even pick them up.” “Faith will fight, but she doesn’t kill. Now the fighting is more of an extension of ...

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Star Wars: Battlefront trailer and details

The Force is strong in this one: Star Wars: Battlefront trailer and details have finally been dropped

We’re a bit slow on this one, but we’re no less excited. The Star Wars: Battlefront trailer and details have finally dropped during the Star Wars Experience convention, outlining parts of the game and giving us our first look at what the game is going to look like. And hopefully we’re not letting our enthusiasm blind us, but it looks fantastic so far – check out the trailer below if you haven’t seen it yet: Like the previous Battlefront entries, this reboot of Battlefront will involve large scale battles, including up to 40 players, and see the use of all manner of vehicles and machinery in the Rebels-v-Empire battles, including space battles between TIE. Also, as in Battlefront 2, players will be able to play as heroes of either side, such as Darth Vader, to try and turn the tide of the battle. The planets revealed so far which will host ...

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NHL 15 is now in the EA Access Vault

NHL 15 is now in the EA Access Vault, free to play for subscribers

When EA Access was launched, it was met mostly with raised eyebrows – after all, who would want to subscribe to a service that only offered EA titles? Well, eight months later, EA Access is still going strong and has just added its tenth title to its Vault which is free to play for all subscribers. Yes, NHL 15 is now in the EA Access Vault, joining the likes of other yearly sports titles NBA Live 15 and Madden NFL 15 in what is starting to look like a pretty impressive library of games. In case you’re late to the EA Access party, here’s what you need to know – EA Access is only available to Xbox One. For a subscription fee (paid monthly or yearly), subscribers get access to the aforementioned Vault (which EA says will never have games removed), as well as 10% off all EA content on the Xbox Store ...

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Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage

First ever Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage to be unveiled on April 17th

For the longest time, gaming enthusiasts everywhere have been clamoring for Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage. We know that about a month ago gameplay footage was shown off to retailers thanks to EA executive, Peter Moore, who kindly teased some pictures after that fateful meeting. Well, it looks like EA is ready to show off that footage to the general public, and will be doing so while hosting a panel at the Star Wars Celebration which runs from April 16-19 – the exact time and day will be April 17th at 10:30am PT. We’ll be sure to share it as soon as it drops/ Personally, I’m extremely psyched for the game despite having seen so little of it, and I have faith that EA has the funds and vision to see this project through and to see Battlefront regain some of its former glory. What do you think about Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage ...

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Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage

Star Wars Battlefront is being shown off behind closed doors to retailers; enter E3

Star Wars Battlefront. Those three words have sent shivers down my spine (the good kind) ever since I laid eyes on the teaser trailer that was shown at EA‘s E3 2013 press conference. We’ve seen previous little about the DICE developed game, and while we have little doubt that the game is probably going to live up to its namesake, we can’t help but want to see more. EA executive, Peter Moore, isn’t exactly helping: A GREAT show with my friends/partners @GameStop. Superb ovation for latest game play footage on @starwars Battlefront pic.twitter.com/mrGAHcT7VK — Peter Moore (@petermooreEA) March 3, 2015 From what we can tell, Moore has just spend the day showing off Star Wars Battlefront to retailers like Gamestop presumably to get them excited for the game’s release. Whether the public is going to get a glimpse of this footage is anyone’s guess, but we’re sure to see more at this ...

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games are actually still too hard to learn

EA’s Richard Hilleman thinks “games are actually still too hard to learn”

“Our games are actually still too hard to learn” – Richard Hilleman, EA chief creative officer The D.I.C.E. Summit has come and gone again with much the same fanfare as every year, but we are left with the above quote that Hilleman dropped in response to a query why controller layouts can’t stay the same for future games and different franchises. Continuing after the above quote, Hilleman says: “The average player probably spends two hours to learn how to play the most basic game… And asking for two hours of somebody’s time – most of our customers, between their normal family lives – to find two contiguous hours to concentrate on learning how to play a video game is a big ask.” It’s obviously a pretty loaded statement, particularly considering that most hardcore gamers think game developers and publishers have already dumbed-down games significantly for casual gamers already. And if we’re even more honest, ...

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Theme Hospital

Origin updates the FREE “On the House” game with Theme Hospital

EA’s game hub, Origins, is ripe with betas, free-to-play titles, and the occasionally switched out ‘On The House’ title. The last title that made its way to the freebie section was a classic, Sim City 2000 Special Edition. Hard to not snag that one for free. It looks like EA has updated the page today with a new title for users to snag at no charge with Theme Hospital. It isn’t Battlefield 4 or Titanfall, but Theme Hospital servers its purpose, especially at the price of free. In a nutshell it is a sim style game where you design, manage and maintain a hi-tech hospital in an attempt to save lives and make cash. It isn’t a highly serious game as there is quit a bit of humor mixed in, like a patient with KingComplex who dresses like Elvis. Theme Hospital made its first debut back in March of 1997 ...

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Battlefield Hardline open beta on the horizon for all platforms

Battlefield Hardline has been a hit and miss topic of discussion among fans and haters of the Battlefield franchise. Plenty called out EA and Dice for attempting to make a whole new title to raise profits when it should just be a DLC for Battlefield 4. While I can understand some of the arguments, they really are negated by the fact that the title isn’t a war game and has a totally different story mode that isn’t even being handled by either, but by Visceral games. All of that can easily go into a whole new article, now the important bit of information is that there is an open beta close at hand that will cover all gaming platforms that the title will release for when it officially comes out March 17th. I had a rather fun time on the first PC beta. Even though the modes and maps were ...

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dragon age: inquisition

EA Access subscribers get six hour trial of Dragon Age: Inquisition five days before release

EA Access is working out to be a pretty great service for subscribers who have forked out the (frankly minuscule) subscription fee, and their latest perk is access to Dragon Age: Inquisition five days before the game is due for release on the Xbox One. Of course, like all the EA Access previews before it, the trial of Dragon Age: Inquisition for subscribers will only last six hours, though I’ve found this more than enough time to figure out if you like a game enough to buy it or not (maybe that’s just me). As a matter of clarification, the six hours can be counted in one sitting, or can be split into multiple sittings, which should give you enough flexibility to enjoy the game in your own time. Probably the neatest thing about this trial is that you’re actually playing the full game – should you decide to purchase Dragon Age: Inquisition later on, you ...

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the sims 4

That’s one way to do it: The Sims 4 trolls pirates with gameplay pixellation

Developers and publishers have an ongoing fight with piracy, and the search for a meaningful way to combat the practice needs to be subtle and nuanced in a way that doesn’t turn people away completely. With the latest entry in EA and Maxis‘ The Sims franchise, The Sims 4, it seems the method of choice is to pixellate all the graphics in the game, effectively making the game unplayable, unless you enjoy playing the game in graphics that predate even the first The Sims game in 2000. The irony of the situation is that people affected by this “bug” go on to forums to ask if anybody else has experienced the issue, which makes it incredibly easy to separate the pirates from the rest of the legitimate crowd. I quite like a solution like this to deter pirates, and while it may not ultimately be the best solution to solving the ...

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