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It’s Official: Battlefield Hardline open beta begins February 3rd on all platforms and brings Hacker mode along for the ride

Like it, love it or hate it, but Battlefield Hardline is just around the corner with a release scheduled for March 17th. In the mean time, the Hardline beta has received its official release date finally. On February 3rd players on PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One will all have access to get in on the action without the need for an invite or limited code. Players will have 5 days of access until February 8th to get their fill of the limited modes, maps and level up as much as possible. The open beta will bring in three different multiplayer maps and modes for every one to experience. One of the new modes is Hotwire. In this mode a list of market cars will be the targets for the criminals. Think of them as flags. The crooks need to steal them to rack up the ...

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Battlefield 4 final stand

Confirmed: Battlefield 4 Final Stand is not the end of the road

There was a lot of speculation surrounding a possible sixth DLC (downloadable content) package for Battlefield 4. Much of it was fueled by a few clues in the Final Stand update that recently went public. The clue that causing the commotion was from a “Uprise” dogtag discovered in the Community Test Environment. According to Gamerant that tag is dedicated represents the company that makes Battlelog. While that would rule out the sixth installment being “Uprise” it doesn’t rule out Battlefield 4’s future. A new post has been published to users Battlelog page giving little to no information about its future other than it has one. The title simply says “Battlefield 4 and the Road Ahead.” The company commends the help that users have given to them through the community Test Environment and that they had lots of fun with everyone. From there they offer up a small break with another ...

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Battlefield 4 Final Stand

Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC Lands November 18th for Premium and December 2nd for Everyone Else

The epic conclusion to Battlefield 4 is finally approaching. I am, of course, talking about the last DLC Final Stand. EA and Dice have had a pretty rocky time with the community in regards to Battlefield 4. I myself have had a great time playing it. That is probably because I game for fun and glitches don’t get under my skin. Final Stand might not be the DLC that can redeem EA and Dice from the troubles that many faced, nor will it be the ultimate update that brings thousands of players that walked back to the title, but it certainly could restore a little faith in the developers. EA and Dice have done things quite a bit differently with the final release. They initiated the CTE, Community Test Environment, where they allowed premium members to get involved with the new gadgets, vehicles and maps that would be coming. This ...

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Battlefield 4 CTE

Battlefield 4 Premium Members on any Platform Can Access CTE on the PC

The Battlefield 4 CTE, Community Test Environment, is a location where EA and Dice are testing out various bug fixes, tweaks and even aspects of the next DLC, Final Stand. Previously the CTE was only available to Battlefield 4 Premium members who played on the PC. It would seem that it has changed recently to include all premium members across all platforms. There is a catch though, you still need a PC to get in and play on the test environment. With that being said, everyone who has a premium membership on Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One can download and access the CTE on their PC without having to buy the PC version of the game too. Your PC does need to be powerful enough to do some gaming on though. The process is pretty simple. Head over to the cte.battlelog.com/bf4/ webpage, login with your Origin ...

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Battlefield 4 ‘Final Stand’ teaser video shows off maps, a hover tank and secret bases in the Mountains

Since the launch of Battlefield 4 we have seen 4 of the DLC packages make their way to consumers. The most recent was Dragons Teeth. With that expansion players found four new game maps, a new game mode and the R.A.W.R. The final DLC planned for Battlefield 4 is Final Stand. Earlier leaks and chatter have pegged it for an October release, but the Battlefield website continues to keep it listed as a TBD (to be determined.) A ultra short, 9 second, teaser video went up on the Battlefield Facebook page with a line that reads, “Ready for the future?”   Post by Battlefield.   As you can see from their message, the full trailer was set to be released at 9 a.m. this morning and they delivered. Final Stand will take place in Russia on an Arctic landscape. The back story lets us know that the area is a ...

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GameStop Labor day sale

GameStop’s Labor Day Sale puts Assassin’s Creed IV, Battlefield 4 and others for under $15

Labor Day often ignites sales of all types. From cars, to beds, to electronics and games. Some sales are better than others, while other sales aren’t really sales at all. In the pursuit of the best deal out there, I came across a pretty stellar one at GameStop right now for digital download versions of some pretty hot PC titles. I haven’t personally seen Battlefield 4 or Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag below $19.99. While they are just for the main game and don’t include the DLC packages, it is still a pretty stellar deal to get you started while you wait for the additional content to hit new rock bottom prices. The list of games on sale for the Labor Day weekend tops out at 90 different titles. They have Far Cry for $7.49, Rocksmith 2014 for $14.99 and Tomb Raider for $4.99 to round out the top five ...

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It’s Game Time: Origin’s new free round of PC gaming is up with Battlefield 4 and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Time to game everyone. Origin’s has just released the new set of freebie trial games that they hope will entice you enough to get hooked so you open up that wallet and buy. The last Origin’s Game Time release was for Titanfall, needless to say, I played the crap out of it and recently bought it about a week ago. Today you have two games to choose from. Battlefield 4 is the hottest titles of the two. If you haven’t picked it up yet, now is your chance to find out for yourself if it is worth having in your collection or not. EA and Dice have had a lot of negative press surrounding the game since it launched, but a lot of things have improved a lot since the start-up of the CTE (community test environment) with plenty more fixes on the way. Being a casual gamer I find ...

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EA Access

EA Access subscription gets announced, brings EA games to Xbox One for not much at all

Electronic Arts (EA) may have been voted worst company in America last year, but they’re doing a good job of undoing all the discontent with great game releases. Next on the list of awesome EA things is something called EA Access, a subscription service that EA announced today and coming soon for Xbox One that will get more of its games into gamer’s hands for less. Welcome to EA Access, a new membership kicking off on Xbox One! Access to The Vault, discounts, & more! Learn More: http://t.co/laaY10bpTf — EA Access (@EAAccess) July 29, 2014 The idea of the subscription is that you get access to a predetermined “Vault” of games, which currently comprises of FIFA 14, Madden 25, Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4. EA promises that the library of games in the Vault will be added to, and will also enable subscribers to get early access to games. Upcoming EA ...

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Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC lands tomorrow, are you Ready?

EA and Dice have been under a lot of fire since the release of Battlefield 4. Lots of things were broken and didn’t work out as well as they should have. Many of the more, I call hardcore, gamer’s out there made it widely known and some even refused to play until it was fixed. Over the last few months they have released a number of fixes that have drastically improved in the game-play experience and have brought back a lot of players. Some of that is thanks to the CTE (Community Test Environment) program that they initiated not to long ago. Where Premium members could join up in a test environment to help solve issues and fix others prior to the next DLC (Downloadable Content) package. The next big DLC to come out for Battlefield 4 is Dragon’s Teeth, which will be the next to last set of maps ...

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Battlefield 4 Dragons Teeth

Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC confirmed for July 15th via Battlelog

The other day a tweet went out that alerted people that Battlefield 4 Premium was 20% off. It also stated that Premium subscribers would be getting their hands on the next DLC on July 15th. That tweet was quickly pulled, but not before everyone jumped on it and snagged screenshots. We assumed it was going to work out to be correct. While we still have no clue what the patch update that was released last night did, we do have official confirmation that July 15th is indeed the day that Premium Battlefield 4 owners will be able to poke about Dragon’s Teeth. Dragon’s Teeth sees five new weapons making their Battlefield debut in addition to a new unlockable gadget, the Ballistic shield. Dragon’s Teeth also introduces a new game mode, Chain Link, a twist on the fan-favorite Conquest mode that sees squads battle to link capture points in order to achieve victory. Fans will also ...

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