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Drones filmed the Sydney fireworks

Happy New Year: Drones filmed the Sydney fireworks for the first time

Happy New Year to all our readers! As the 1st of January 2015 ticks over around the world, spectacular celebrations have commenced, many involving copious amounts of fireworks. One of the stalwart sources of amazing fireworks displays (and I feel I can say this without seeming biased) is Sydney, Australia, who’s fireworks display is typified by the launching of walls of fire from the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. While this display is typically filmed with more conventional methods, like helicopters and blimps, this year, drones filmed the Sydney fireworks, some of which were up to 1000 ft above Sydney Harbour. Check out some of the amazing footage in the video below: It’s impressive stuff, particularly the couple of shots that were taken by drones from basically inside or very close to the explosion of fireworks – I’m pretty sure one drone was hit too from the looks of it. This was all made possible by Rotor ...

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walking around Australia in a stormtrooper suit

Storming Australia: Man walking around Australia in a stormtrooper suit for charity

This isn’t technically tech news, but it does include a stormtrooper costume which makes it kinda nerdy – and right now it’s warming my heart quite a lot. In a month that typically sees men grow copious amounts of facial hair in the name of charity, one man is walking around Australia in a stormtrooper suit to raise money for just as worthy a cause. Scott Loxley, a member of the 501st Legion, is walking around Australia, some 15,000kms and spanning 18 months, to raise money for the Monash Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. The 501st Legion is an international costuming organization that specializes in raising funds for charity, and Loxley is doing his part by doing his trek in the full Sandtrooper costume from Star Wars, no mean feat in a country that is currently in Spring and moving quickly into Summer. Loxley is hoping to raise $100,000 for the Monash Children’s Hospital, but ...

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