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iPhone 6 gets boiled in Coca Cola

Why, oh why: iPhone 6 gets boiled in Coca Cola, because reasons

Destroying technology is a pretty depressing topic to discuss. You may remember that we got pretty riled up when the #BendGate saga started to go too far with people pointlessly destroying their Apple products (iPads included) just to prove that they did bend, and we may have caught wind of a similarly pointless destruction of an iPhone 6. The video in question shows what happens when a iPhone 6 gets boiled in Coca Cola, courtesy of Ukranian YouTuber, TechRax, who nonchalantly places a “brand new” iPhone 6 into a bubbling pan of Coke. Take a look at the video below if you can stomach it (excuse the horrible, horrible pun): Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 6 is completely destroyed in the process of essentially cooking it. Now, we’re not having a go at YouTubers like TechRax for doing these allegedly ‘extreme’ torture tests. In fact, some of them can have surprisingly enlightening, if ...

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Please Stop: #Bendgate returns, this time with the iPad Air 2

Ok, this is getting excessive now. By now, I’m sure most everyone has heard about #Bendgate, the controversy which tailed the release of Apple‘s first phablet smartphone, the iPhone 6 Plus. As the story goes, the iPhone 6 Plus is relatively easy to bend in a manner which can be done even barehanded. By now, that saga has somewhat died down, however #Bendgate has apparently reared its head again with Apple’s latest tablet release, the iPad Air 2. As you can see, Marvin from Germany proves that the iPad Air 2, which measures a perilously thin 6.1mm thick, easily bends with a not entirely ridiculous amount of force exerted just with his hands. At this point, I’d like to make a serious statement here – this is getting entirely out of hand. It may have been interesting, some might even say amusing, to the see the situation that Apple and the iPhone ...

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iPhone 6 Mockup Video Capture Macotakara

Is the Apple iPhone Finally Growing Up! 4.7 and 5.5 Inch Display Rumored for iPhone 6

There’s been a long standing debate about screen sizes on mobile devices.  The Apple iPhone has always been a couple of steps behind Android in terms of display size but the Apple iPhone 6 is rumored to change all this.  Expected in fall of this year, the iPhone 6 is supposed to be larger, faster and stronger and may finally give the competition something to think about. Recent rumors are pointing to a couple of size variations in the works.  A 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch display are coming according to an article from Macrumors.  You can also find lots of mock-ups around showing what people are expecting or wish they could be.  You can check out one video from Mac Otakara which the featured image on this article is taken from. Apple is know to produce an amazing looking display for their iPhones, but is the display any better ...

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LG Screen Pixels

At What Point are More Pixels Too Many Pixels?

Everybody loves more pixels or at least the manufacturers want us to.  The war for larger more clear display in smartphones is on and has been for a long time.  Manufacturers keep upping the game with larger displays and larger resolutions.  For the larger screen devices, increased the resolution is a good thing as it ensures that our displays are sharp making everything easier to read. Look at the latest smartphone from LG, the LG G3.  It’s one of the first smartphones to feature a 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution or what they are calling quad HD.   Sounds awesome doesn’t it, but at what point do the extra pixels become irrelevant and only degrade our overall experience?   Let’s look at the pros of a larger resolution display. The obvious pro to a larger resolution display is the clarity or sharpness of everything displayed on it.  Text should be cleaner ...

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iTunes may be coming to Android

For the longest time, Android users have had to deal with the absence of an official iTunes app from the Google Play Store; sure there are substitute apps, but that’s a far cry from an official app that evolves with Apple‘s aspirations and focuses, much like other music providers like Spotify and Pandora have done over the last few months. That void may be filled soon, however, as Billboard reports that Apple may finally bring iTunes to Android. The change in heart is primarily due to a decrease in music download sales, down 11% according to Nielsen SoundScan. Conversely, while download sales are down, revenues from streaming sites like Spotify and Pandora have risen 39% in the past year, signalling to Apple that they should probably consider something along the lines of a music streaming service with an “All-Access” subscription model, possibly using the existing iTunes Radio platform as a starting ...

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