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Quantum Break is delayed to 2016

Remedy and Microsoft announce Quantum Break is delayed to 2016

One of the most anticipated games on the Xbox One game console is Quantum Break, an exclusive that looks to be one of the first to fully explore the capabilities of the next-gen console’s performance. Involving breathtaking graphics, time warp sequences, and a mind-boggling story, Quantum Break has all the ...

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Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage

First ever Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage to be unveiled on April 17th

For the longest time, gaming enthusiasts everywhere have been clamoring for Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage. We know that about a month ago gameplay footage was shown off to retailers thanks to EA executive, Peter Moore, who kindly teased some pictures after that fateful meeting. Well, it looks like EA is ready ...

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Patriot Ignite 480 SSD Review

Patriot has been in the business to provide high-performance and enthusiast level PC components. Their bread and butter was RAM, for the most part, in the beginning. Catering to the PC enthusiasts of the world. The last few years they have been working on some pretty fantastic mobile accessories like the ...

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Xbox One picks up Sling TV, the $20 live subscription TV service

Sling TV made its debut on mobile devices and Fire TV a few months back and with its announcement brought a solid line-up of live TV programming for just $20 a month. It is a pretty big move that certainly pushes towards the cord cutters more so than others have ...

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Star Trek Online Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek Online places multiple in-game memorials for Leonard Nimoy

Last week, the world was saddened to hear about the passing of Leonard Nimoy, a man who in gaming and tech circles was held incredibly dear. None more dear than the community of the game Star Trek Online, a game based on the TV show and movies that Nimoy became ...

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update to Destiny before House of Wolves

Bungie promises another update to Destiny before House of Wolves, makes lots of spaceship puns

Update 1.1.1 arrived on Destiny last week to surprisingly wide acclaim, however Bungie isn’t resting on its laurels, promising another update to Destiny before House of Wolves. The House of Wolves expansion DLC is expected to be unleashed sometime between April and June of this year, so this next major update ...

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spending 3 hours on Destiny everyday

Players are spending 3 hours on Destiny everyday, says Bungie

Bungie has come out with some interesting statistics at a panel held at GDC 2015, stating that there are currently 17 million players registered on its blockbuster game, Destiny, and that players are spending 3 hours on Destiny everyday, on average, a huge number when you factor in just casual players. Even ...

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Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage

Star Wars Battlefront is being shown off behind closed doors to retailers; enter E3

Star Wars Battlefront. Those three words have sent shivers down my spine (the good kind) ever since I laid eyes on the teaser trailer that was shown at EA‘s E3 2013 press conference. We’ve seen previous little about the DICE developed game, and while we have little doubt that the game ...

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