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windows 9

Microsoft event on September 30th likely to show off Windows 9

Microsoft has always had a traditionally bizarre, but repeatable, cycle when it comes to operating systems – Windows 98 to Windows XP, Windows Vista to Windows 7 – disappointing Windows releases are often followed up soon after by an operating system that fixes everything that was wrong with its predecessor. Windows 8 ...

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grand theft auto 5 release date

Grand Theft Auto 5 release date has finally been confirmed for November 18th on Xbox One, PS4

In case you haven’t heard, the official Grand Theft Auto 5 release date has been confirmed. After all the assorted leaks that jostled back and forth between the 7th and 14th of November, Rockstar Games has set the record straight and announced that it will be arriving on November 18th ...

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Destiny panorama screenshots

Bungie outlines Destiny content to come over the next two months

Bungie weren’t kidding when they said full reviews for Destiny in the first few weeks weren’t going encompass all that Destiny has to offer. As part of their plan to make Destiny a constantly rich and replenishing game, Bungie has outlined the Destiny content that is going to be coming ...

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Will Ferrell Hates Cancer

Will Ferrell Hates Cancer, hosting charity event to raise $375,000 and chance to game with the man himself

Will Ferrell is a pretty famous guy, and regardless of whether you like his plethora of comedy exploits, I think you’ll be able to agree this initiative of his is a very good thing. Hosted on a website called, Ferrell is working with Funny or Die to challenge gamers to ...

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Battlefield 4 ‘Final Stand’ teaser video shows off maps, a hover tank and secret bases in the Mountains

Since the launch of Battlefield 4 we have seen 4 of the DLC packages make their way to consumers. The most recent was Dragons Teeth. With that expansion players found four new game maps, a new game mode and the R.A.W.R. The final DLC planned for Battlefield 4 is Final ...

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5 things House of Wolves changed in Destiny

Bravo, Destiny: You’ve put the ‘game’ back in ‘gamers’

There’s something to be said about current video game culture. Without getting into the nasty controversial stuff, gamers have become increasingly reliant on game reviews to help direct their decisions and perceptions of games. Bungie‘s highly anticipated massively-multiplayer-online-shooter-thingy, Destiny, opened its doors to the masses today, and did so without ...

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the sims 4

That’s one way to do it: The Sims 4 trolls pirates with gameplay pixellation

Developers and publishers have an ongoing fight with piracy, and the search for a meaningful way to combat the practice needs to be subtle and nuanced in a way that doesn’t turn people away completely. With the latest entry in EA and Maxis‘ The Sims franchise, The Sims 4, it ...

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