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MintBox Mini Linux Mint mini PC

Compact Linux pre-loaded MintBox Mini PC coming soon for under $300

Looking for a pre-loaded Linux mini PC? The newly announced MintBox Mini might be right up your ally. The MintBox Mini is a small form factor mini PC that will come pre-loaded with Linux Mint out of the box. “With a volume of 0.22l and a thickness of 0.95 inches, the MintBox Mini is small enough to be pocketable. In terms of volume it’s 3 times smaller than the Intel NUC and 5 times smaller than the MintBox. Thanks to its passively cooled fanless design and its internal SSD storage, it’s also completely silent”, says Clement Lefebvre. The tiny little box packs in an AMD A4 6400T with a Radeon R3 GPU. They shoved 4GB of RAM inside along with a 64GB SSD for speed and storage. As for connectivity you are looking at 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and a Gigabit Ethernet port. You have 5 USB ports open for connecting hardware ...

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Mainstream support ends today for Windows 7, extended supports goes 5 more years

Windows 7 made its debut on July 22 2009. It is hard to think that it has already been 6 years since the update to Vista was launched. Just over 2 years ago Microsoft released Windows 8 followed up by a small update to Windows 8.1 a few short months back. Now we are nearing the release of a revamp with Windows 10 and the currently available Windows 10 preview build. As with all thing tech, there is a shelf life and Windows 7 official mainstream support from Microsoft has reached that point as off today. Don’t go getting your panties in a bunch though. The exit of mainstream support just means you will lose out on free support by phone and Microsoft won’t be investing any more time or money into new features for it. Oh, and hardware warranty claims go bye bye too. While mainstream support has ended, ...

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concurrent steam users

New record for number of concurrent Steam users as numbers hit over 8.5 million

If you’re any kind of a PC gamer, it’s virtually impossible to avoid Steam, Valve‘s one-stop service for pretty much all games. And with the Holiday Season still in full swing in some places, it’s not surprising to see the previous record for concurrent Steam users get smashed just a few days into the New Year. The previous record occurred June 2014 when 8,020,700 people were seen using the service at the same time, but just a few days past on January 2nd when 8,500,245 people were logged being online. These numbers are a far cry from analysts predicting the end of PC gaming a few years ago as the community is clearly still alive and well. A big factor for those numbers are likely the combination of the Steam sales that have recently just ended and people logging on to play those games lest they remain unplayed until the next sale. The ...

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what's coming next for Destiny

Leaked image shows what’s coming next for Destiny

Destiny is a game for the ages. While it’s been panned by reviews, and simultaneous called the best and worst game of 2014 by some, it’s irrefutable that there are still masses of people still playing the game to this date (including yours truly). So it’s pretty exciting to hear about Bungie‘s future plans for the FPS-MMO-RPG-game seeing as it is a well-known fact that they have a 10-year plan for it. The leaked image that you can see above is the subject of this particular rumour, which allegedly lays out all the game add-ons for the next year or so as well as the ones we already know about. Obviously we know about the core game, Destiny, and its two announced expansions, The Dark Below and the House of Wolves, but the image tells us that likely coming some time in 2015 will be a larger expansion called Comet ...

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teaser trailer for Ant-Man

Marvel trolls everyone with an ant-sized teaser trailer of a teaser trailer for Ant-Man

Marvel is probably the biggest proponent in the film industry of making teaser trailers of teaser trailers, to pretty much everyone’s chagrin, and it appears they’ve gone to a new level of trolling. Many fans are excited about the new Ant-Man movie and today Marvel released the teaser trailer of the teaser trailer for Ant-Man, however, there’s something a little off about the video itself. Take a look for yourself: Yes, the video is ant-sized. There’s no real way to see what’s in the tiny footage that plays during this teaser (I guess unless you’re an ant), so we’ll just have to wait until January 6th when the human-sized teaser trailer is released. Let us know in the comments whether you like this kind of thing or if you think it’s a bit excessive. Source: YouTube

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The Interview into North Korea

South Korean activist plans to drop DVDs and USBs of The Interview into North Korea

We can’t imagine that North Korean citizens would take too kindly to watching their Shining Leader in a comedy flick – unless they all have wonderful senses of humour – but one South Korean activist seems to think that airdropping 100,000 DVDs and USBs containing The Interview into North Korea is a good idea. The film, starring James Franco and Seth Rogan, has most recently become embroiled in a confusing affair that has involved the hacking of Sony Pictures, but has since looked like an elaborate public relations and political stunt to implicate North Korea, though we will probably never know the whole truth. Park Sang-hak, who now lives in South Korea after defecting from the North, is working with the non-profit Human Rights Foundation to fund Park’s unique gesture including adding Korean subtitles to The Interview. It may be all for nothing, however, as what little we know of North Korea suggests ...

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Drones filmed the Sydney fireworks

Happy New Year: Drones filmed the Sydney fireworks for the first time

Happy New Year to all our readers! As the 1st of January 2015 ticks over around the world, spectacular celebrations have commenced, many involving copious amounts of fireworks. One of the stalwart sources of amazing fireworks displays (and I feel I can say this without seeming biased) is Sydney, Australia, who’s fireworks display is typified by the launching of walls of fire from the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. While this display is typically filmed with more conventional methods, like helicopters and blimps, this year, drones filmed the Sydney fireworks, some of which were up to 1000 ft above Sydney Harbour. Check out some of the amazing footage in the video below: It’s impressive stuff, particularly the couple of shots that were taken by drones from basically inside or very close to the explosion of fireworks – I’m pretty sure one drone was hit too from the looks of it. This was all made possible by Rotor ...

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Game of Thrones is the 'most pirated' TV show of the year

Game of Thrones is the ‘most pirated’ TV show of the year. Again.

The headline is becoming a regular fixture at the end of every year: “Game of Thrones is the ‘most pirated’ TV show of the year”. In no way is it surprising given the show’s runaway success, and for the third year in a row, no less, but just how far ahead it is of the competition in terms of downloads boggles the mind. Torrentfreak released some interesting figures in its annual review, estimating that episodes of Game of Thrones were downloaded over 8.1 million times, which when compared to the number of viewers in the U.S. (7.16 million) who (legally) watched it on TV, is rather large. A distant second and third are The Walking Dead (4.2 million downloads) and The Big Bang Theory (3.6 million downloads), and it also appears that the number of downloaded TV episodes has risen in the past year. Also take into account that this is ...

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Ultimate DSLR bundle learning video course

The Ultimate DSLR Bundle brings advanced and beginner courses to you for 92% off

The holiday season brings a lot of gift giving to friends and family. Somewhere in that family someone might have been lucky enough to score their first DSLR camera. I know my daughter got her first, what I call, real camera this year with a Canon Rebel T3. It is quite a bit different from the silly little point-and-shoots that the schools use to teach digital photography and editing. Getting them their first DSLR is only the first step in their success in the photography world. Sure, they can use the auto focus and still take great photos, but the whole point of a DSLR is manipulation of the settings to gain a photographic advantage over the subject. Much of those skills are learned, and not in the manual with the camera. Currently on sale now is a DSLR bundle of courses for beginners and advanced users a like. The ...

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Amazon Prime Logo

Amazon Prime saved customers over $2 billion in two-day shipping costs

One of the bread and butter sides to Amazon is the Amazon Prime subscription service. Prime brings quite a lot to subscribers and Amazon has been hard at work over the year to make things even better. The largest benefits for Amazon Prime are easily seen with owners of the Kindle Fire tablets, Fire TV and Fire TV Sticks though with the Amazon Instant video and kindle reading programs. While there are many perks, the free Two-Day Prime shipping is probably one of the more loved aspects. With the Holiday season over Amazon was keen to share some numbers about how Prime did on the 20th Holiday season. This year customer orders that were Prime shipping eligible accounted for over $2 billion in shipping savings this year. That is a lot of dough. To add to the numbers, 100 million more items were shipped out this year compared to last ...

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