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Microsoft is cutting 18,000 jobs

Microsoft is cutting 18,000 jobs, most affected is newly absorbed Nokia Devices and Services unit

Jobs are set to be cut after Microsoft announces it is cutting up to 18,000 positions before the end of the year. In the release, Microsoft says that its newly acquired Nokia Devices and Services unit will be most affected, with around 12,500 jobs just from the professional and factory staff there. These are by far the largest layoffs that Microsoft has ever seen, and it is expected to forked out between $750 to $800 million just for severance packages for their outgoing employees. In a letter accompanying this morning’s press release, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, says the moves “will simplify the way we work to drive greater accountability, become more agile and move faster.” Nadella even suggests in the letter than Microsoft intends to absorb the Android-based Nokia X into its Lumia line-up, which sounds a lot like there won’t be any further forked-Android devices from the technology giant. ...

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Xtreme Coding Challenge

The Xtreme Coding Challenge is Nokia’s way of showing Nokia Apps publishing is Easy

When you think of good ways to advertise ease of use, what springs to mind first? I’m willing to bet you weren’t going to suggest holding a competition where ease of use of demonstrated during extreme activities. But that’s exactly what Nokia has done by hosting the Xtreme Coding Challenge which is their way of showing that publishing apps on Nokia Apps is xtremely easy. Jackson Feijo attempted to show how easy it was during his challenge by submitting an app while hang gliding in Brazil: All it took was about 6 minutes and Feijo’s app was published. It should be noted that he was basically sitting the whole time with someone else doing the hang gliding, but it’s a very quick process regardless. Naturally, Nokia has to resort to this kind of advertising because it neglected to incorporate the Google Play Store onto its Android-powered devices like the Nokia X. This has led ...

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