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iBolt xProDock Connect Featured

iBolt xProDock Connect Universal Phone Mounting System Review

The iBolt xProDock Connect is the latest universal docking station with NFC support from iBolt to securely position your phone in an easy to view position while driving. The differentiator the iBolt xProDock Connect has over its competition is the application they have developed to make your experience safer and easier to use. The overall design of the iBolt xProDock mounting system is well thought out and offers a lot of features.  The bottom two arms holding your phone are adjustable in every direction and slightly hooked to ensure your phone is never going to fall out.  Even with the largest of cases on your phone this dock is still going to adjust to accommodate the size.  I’m still using my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and it fit easily into the dock.  Even with my largest case, I had no issues at all.   The iBolt xProDock Holds any Phone ...

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Microsoft is cutting 18,000 jobs

Microsoft is cutting 18,000 jobs, most affected is newly absorbed Nokia Devices and Services unit

Jobs are set to be cut after Microsoft announces it is cutting up to 18,000 positions before the end of the year. In the release, Microsoft says that its newly acquired Nokia Devices and Services unit will be most affected, with around 12,500 jobs just from the professional and factory staff there. These are by far the largest layoffs that Microsoft has ever seen, and it is expected to forked out between $750 to $800 million just for severance packages for their outgoing employees. In a letter accompanying this morning’s press release, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, says the moves “will simplify the way we work to drive greater accountability, become more agile and move faster.” Nadella even suggests in the letter than Microsoft intends to absorb the Android-based Nokia X into its Lumia line-up, which sounds a lot like there won’t be any further forked-Android devices from the technology giant. ...

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Xtreme Coding Challenge

The Xtreme Coding Challenge is Nokia’s way of showing Nokia Apps publishing is Easy

When you think of good ways to advertise ease of use, what springs to mind first? I’m willing to bet you weren’t going to suggest holding a competition where ease of use of demonstrated during extreme activities. But that’s exactly what Nokia has done by hosting the Xtreme Coding Challenge which is their way of showing that publishing apps on Nokia Apps is xtremely easy. Jackson Feijo attempted to show how easy it was during his challenge by submitting an app while hang gliding in Brazil: All it took was about 6 minutes and Feijo’s app was published. It should be noted that he was basically sitting the whole time with someone else doing the hang gliding, but it’s a very quick process regardless. Naturally, Nokia has to resort to this kind of advertising because it neglected to incorporate the Google Play Store onto its Android-powered devices like the Nokia X. This has led ...

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Android Wear Image

Android Wear app list adds 8 more apps including Lyft, Runtastic and Hue Control

The dedicated section in the Google Play Store for Android Wear compatible apps has grown by 8 apps since just yesterday. While many don’t have their smartwatches yet, it is great to see so many wonderful apps getting prepped up for the mass delivery to consumers. Some of the new additions today include the popular ride pickup app Lyft, Runtastic, Cloud Magic and Hue Control. It really isn’t all that surprising that so many app developers are jumping on the Android Wear revolution or that Google made a special spot for them on the Play Store. After all, Google wants Android Wear to be easy to use and for user to have a simple place to get the apps they need for their watch. Any of you out there have one of the Android Wear devices? What apps have you tried and which ones are your favorite? Android Wear apps ...

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Project Ara

100 most active Ara Scouts will begin beta testing real Project Ara Devices

Project Ara is the modular phone that aims to take the smartphone world to all new heights, eventually. The principal is basic, buy what you want and upgrade as you go along. All the parts are independent of each other and allow you to swap out for, say, a better camera or more RAM. Kind of how we do with computers, only with a smartphone and all without having to open up the device. At Google I/O Google showed off the first booting prototype of Project Ara, and now it looks as though they are moving forward with their previous promise that 100 people would be getting one to beta test. Since October 2013, over 90,000 have signed up to make Project Ara a reality. Your passion and creativity were — and are — instrumental in turning an idea into a product. As promised, the 100 most active Ara scouts ...

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Steel Avengers iOS and Android MMO Game Featured

Steel Avengers: Tank Uprising MMO Coming to iOS and Android July 15th

There’s no shortage of Mobile MMO games available today, and they just keep coming.  Steel Avengers: Tank Uprising is a new game about to be released from Koramgame Ltd.  There was no sign of information on the companies web site, but check back after the release date to find more details.  You can also check for more games from Koramgame on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.  You will find information on the Google Play Store for the closed beta test program.  Not sure how long this has been going on or how to get involved.  If we can find more details, we’ll be sure to let you know. In Steel Avengers: Tank Uprising, players take on the role of a commander who must create a new world where everyone can live in peace following the destruction of the Earth by a meteor shower. However, that is only possible ...

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Revocharge Square Logo

Lost your charging cables! Not to worry, Revocharge has your back

There’s a new charging solution in town called Revocharge and it has a long list of advantages that are sure to please you all.  Revocharge is an all in one power and sync solution for iPhones and Android phones that has multiple mount configurations and a universal battery system.  Claiming to be the most advanced wireless charging and sync available. Revocharge was added recently to Kickstarter with campaign goal of $100,000 and with 25 days to go, they currently have $2,495.  Want to help out and get yourself some cool charging gear?  Be sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign site. With configurations available for desktop docking and vehicle docking, they are covering all their bases.  With a patent-pending smart phone case that magnetically attaches your phone to any of the various docking options they have available.  Charging is simple and more efficient than traditional charging solutions.  The initial launch products ...

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Assurance Wireless Virgin Mobile Logo

Assurance Wireless now offers free unlimited texting for low income families

Assurance wireless, brought to you by Virgin Mobile is adding more free services to new eligible customers who sign up through Dec. 31, 2014.  Not only do they get free unlimited texting, but they also receive an additional 250 free voice minutes (giving them 500 total minutes) each month for their first four months of service. Customer who are approved not only get the free texting and voice calls, they also receive a free cell phone. The free texting lasts forever, but the voice minutes don’t.  At the end of the fourth month, these customers will drop to 250 free monthly voice minutes. Existing customers will be migrated to the Free Talk & Unlimited Text plan on a rolling basis.   Here’s the press release:   Assurance Wireless Improves Plans to Further Help Low-Income Residents in Need   New customers can get more voice minutes and text messages   WARREN, N.J. – June 30, 2014 – Assurance Wireless, the ...

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Urban Armor Gear Case HTC One M8 in Hand

Urban Armor Gear Case for the HTC One M8 Review

Urban Armor Gear (UAG) sent through the UAG case for the HTC One M8 claiming MIL-STD 801G with excellent impact resistance and a feather weight design.  It’s a manly looking case that’s for sure so lets take a closer look and see what it offers. I’ve read a few reviews of UAG cases before, and I they do seem to have a good reputation for creating a nice balance between form, features and protection.  Sitting with a suggested retail price of $34.95, they are in the middle of the road as far as price goes. Opening the box revealed the UAG case, screen protector and selection of goodies to help you apply the screen protector without dust and air bubbles getting in the way. The screen protector is identical to most others.  Easy to apply and almost invisible once installed.   These are the specs from the UAG website: Designed ...

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Seidio Ledger Case HTC One M8 Front

Seidio Ledger Case for HTC One M8 Review

There’s a good selection for cases for HTC One M8, and one of the alternatives to HTC DOT View Case we previously reviewed is the Seidio Ledge case.  It’s a great case that offers more than just protection and it does things the HTC One M8 can’t, and that’s open properly. You most likely already know about Seidio as they’ve been making cases long before the first days of Android.  Seidio was in fact the very first case I purchased for old faithful TMobile G1, which must be about five years ago now. The Ledger case is similar to the Dot View case being a flip style case.  The front cover slips open like a book giving great protection to the screen as well.  While the back of your phone sits inside the harder Polyurethane shell making up the back of the case.  The cover flip itself offers a cloth ...

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