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Xtreme Coding Challenge

The Xtreme Coding Challenge is Nokia’s way of showing Nokia Apps publishing is Easy

When you think of good ways to advertise ease of use, what springs to mind first? I’m willing to bet you weren’t going to suggest holding a competition where ease of use of demonstrated during extreme activities. But that’s exactly what Nokia has done by hosting the Xtreme Coding Challenge which is their way of showing that publishing apps on Nokia Apps is xtremely easy. Jackson Feijo attempted to show how easy it was during his challenge by submitting an app while hang gliding in Brazil: All it took was about 6 minutes and Feijo’s app was published. It should be noted that he was basically sitting the whole time with someone else doing the hang gliding, but it’s a very quick process regardless. Naturally, Nokia has to resort to this kind of advertising because it neglected to incorporate the Google Play Store onto its Android-powered devices like the Nokia X. This has led ...

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Android Wear Image

Android Wear app list adds 8 more apps including Lyft, Runtastic and Hue Control

The dedicated section in the Google Play Store for Android Wear compatible apps has grown by 8 apps since just yesterday. While many don’t have their smartwatches yet, it is great to see so many wonderful apps getting prepped up for the mass delivery to consumers. Some of the new additions today include the popular ride pickup app Lyft, Runtastic, Cloud Magic and Hue Control. It really isn’t all that surprising that so many app developers are jumping on the Android Wear revolution or that Google made a special spot for them on the Play Store. After all, Google wants Android Wear to be easy to use and for user to have a simple place to get the apps they need for their watch. Any of you out there have one of the Android Wear devices? What apps have you tried and which ones are your favorite? Android Wear apps ...

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Project Ara

100 most active Ara Scouts will begin beta testing real Project Ara Devices

Project Ara is the modular phone that aims to take the smartphone world to all new heights, eventually. The principal is basic, buy what you want and upgrade as you go along. All the parts are independent of each other and allow you to swap out for, say, a better camera or more RAM. Kind of how we do with computers, only with a smartphone and all without having to open up the device. At Google I/O Google showed off the first booting prototype of Project Ara, and now it looks as though they are moving forward with their previous promise that 100 people would be getting one to beta test. Since October 2013, over 90,000 have signed up to make Project Ara a reality. Your passion and creativity were — and are — instrumental in turning an idea into a product. As promised, the 100 most active Ara scouts ...

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Steel Avengers iOS and Android MMO Game Featured

Steel Avengers: Tank Uprising MMO Coming to iOS and Android July 15th

There’s no shortage of Mobile MMO games available today, and they just keep coming.  Steel Avengers: Tank Uprising is a new game about to be released from Koramgame Ltd.  There was no sign of information on the companies web site, but check back after the release date to find more details.  You can also check for more games from Koramgame on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.  You will find information on the Google Play Store for the closed beta test program.  Not sure how long this has been going on or how to get involved.  If we can find more details, we’ll be sure to let you know. In Steel Avengers: Tank Uprising, players take on the role of a commander who must create a new world where everyone can live in peace following the destruction of the Earth by a meteor shower. However, that is only possible ...

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LG Screen Pixels

At What Point are More Pixels Too Many Pixels?

Everybody loves more pixels or at least the manufacturers want us to.  The war for larger more clear display in smartphones is on and has been for a long time.  Manufacturers keep upping the game with larger displays and larger resolutions.  For the larger screen devices, increased the resolution is a good thing as it ensures that our displays are sharp making everything easier to read. Look at the latest smartphone from LG, the LG G3.  It’s one of the first smartphones to feature a 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution or what they are calling quad HD.   Sounds awesome doesn’t it, but at what point do the extra pixels become irrelevant and only degrade our overall experience?   Let’s look at the pros of a larger resolution display. The obvious pro to a larger resolution display is the clarity or sharpness of everything displayed on it.  Text should be cleaner ...

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iTunes may be coming to Android

For the longest time, Android users have had to deal with the absence of an official iTunes app from the Google Play Store; sure there are substitute apps, but that’s a far cry from an official app that evolves with Apple‘s aspirations and focuses, much like other music providers like Spotify and Pandora have done over the last few months. That void may be filled soon, however, as Billboard reports that Apple may finally bring iTunes to Android. The change in heart is primarily due to a decrease in music download sales, down 11% according to Nielsen SoundScan. Conversely, while download sales are down, revenues from streaming sites like Spotify and Pandora have risen 39% in the past year, signalling to Apple that they should probably consider something along the lines of a music streaming service with an “All-Access” subscription model, possibly using the existing iTunes Radio platform as a starting ...

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