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A little extreme: Chinese teen attempts to overcome gaming addiction by cutting off hand

Gaming addiction is a huge issue in China – with over a billion inhabitants, it’s not surprising that a small section of its population, estimated to be 14% of the country’s youth, is suffering from the temptation of gaming. China has most famously introduced military-stylized camps to help addicted individuals kick the habit, but often this is at the behest of the individual themselves. One teenager in Nantong, China came to the realization himself that he was addicted to games and sought to rectify this, albeit a little too extremely. The 19-year-old teen, identified only as “Little Wang”, snuck out of his house at night, taking a knife with him, and left a note which read: “Mum, I have gone to hospital for a while. Don’t worry. I will definitely come back this evening.“ The boy then proceeded to cut off his left hand with the knife and called a taxi to take him ...

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Sony Online Entertainment bought by Columbus Nova, to now be known as Daybreak Game Company

Looks like Sony made a quick buck by selling the Sony Online Entertainment division to investment management firm Columbus Nova. The announcement came a few hours ago by way of the SOE news and announcement board. Community Relations, Dexella, outlined that SOE will now become an independent game development studio with plans to now expand into Playstation, Xbox and mobile titles. SOE might not ring a bell as much as some of their titles do. They were responsible for the very popular EverQuest series, Planetside 2 and the more recent H1Z1. With a new financial backer in their pocket comes a new name as well. SOE will now migrate over to Daybreak Game Company. So when you see that name start to pop up all over the place you will know where its roots are from. For gamer’s, nothing will apparently be changing. All current titles from SOE will continue on their ...

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Battlefield Hardline Beta Preload

Battlefield Hardline Beta pre-load up and running, get it ready for tomorrows action

I wouldn’t say I have been obsessing over Battlefield Hardlines Beta launch that is scheduled to hit all platforms tomorrow, but I did log in and out of Origin a few times this morning to see if it was accessible yet. Yes, I even did a search to see if there was a set time it would be available. According to one forum on EA’s Answer HQ, it was set to become available at 10 a.m. PST. Being that it is after that time here on the west coast, I am happy to let you all know that it is indeed listed to start pre-loading. You will want to head to your Origin account and go to the “Free Games” tab and select ” Demos & Betas” It should appear as the first game in the list and let you start the long process of pre-loading the game to your ...

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It’s Official: Battlefield Hardline open beta begins February 3rd on all platforms and brings Hacker mode along for the ride

Like it, love it or hate it, but Battlefield Hardline is just around the corner with a release scheduled for March 17th. In the mean time, the Hardline beta has received its official release date finally. On February 3rd players on PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One will all have access to get in on the action without the need for an invite or limited code. Players will have 5 days of access until February 8th to get their fill of the limited modes, maps and level up as much as possible. The open beta will bring in three different multiplayer maps and modes for every one to experience. One of the new modes is Hotwire. In this mode a list of market cars will be the targets for the criminals. Think of them as flags. The crooks need to steal them to rack up the ...

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Theme Hospital

Origin updates the FREE “On the House” game with Theme Hospital

EA’s game hub, Origins, is ripe with betas, free-to-play titles, and the occasionally switched out ‘On The House’ title. The last title that made its way to the freebie section was a classic, Sim City 2000 Special Edition. Hard to not snag that one for free. It looks like EA has updated the page today with a new title for users to snag at no charge with Theme Hospital. It isn’t Battlefield 4 or Titanfall, but Theme Hospital servers its purpose, especially at the price of free. In a nutshell it is a sim style game where you design, manage and maintain a hi-tech hospital in an attempt to save lives and make cash. It isn’t a highly serious game as there is quit a bit of humor mixed in, like a patient with KingComplex who dresses like Elvis. Theme Hospital made its first debut back in March of 1997 ...

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Sid Meier's Starships

Sid Meier’s Starships will be the next game to ruin your sleep patterns

Like one game of Civilization didn’t already take long enough. 2K has announced the next game in the line of great Sid Meier strategy games, Sid Meier’s Starships, which as you can probably imagine involves space. Interestingly, it’s not completely separated from Civilization games as it is set in the same universe of recently released Civilization: Beyond Earth. What else do we know about it? Well, here’s a neat trailer to whet your appetite: To help satiate your hunger a little more, 2K and Firaxis Games also released the following information about Sid Meier’s Starships today: Sid Meier’s Starships challenges players to build a planetary federation by exploring the galaxy, expanding its influence and domain, researching futuristic technologies and engaging in deep, turn-based tactical space combat with an armada of uniquely customizable starships. Each new campaign will feature its own distinctive galactic strategy map of worlds with dynamically generated tactical combat missions that will enhance the ...

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veteran World of Warcraft players

Blizzard sending epic statue to veteran World of Warcraft players as part of 10-year celebrations

In November last year, probably the biggest and best known massively multiplayer online game, World of Warcraft, turned 10 years old. As part of its celebrations of the feat, Blizzard Entertainment has started sending gifts to veteran World of Warcraft players who have been around for the whole 10 years, and the gift is nothing short of amazing.  Yes, it’s a bronzed, scaled-down orc statue, the same one that sits outside the Blizzard offices and on the bottom of the statue are emblazoned the words: The orc statue is a constant presence in our life at Blizzard entertainment. It’s where we meet to talk, to eat, to celebrate. As we celebrate ten years of World of Warcraft, we present this token of appreciation to you, stalwart adventurer. Thank you for being a constant presence in our lives as we adventure together. If you are eligible for the gift, you should have been contacted ...

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pirate Hotline Miami 2

Dev tells Australians to pirate Hotline Miami 2 if game is banned

You may have heard recently that the Australia Classification Board has refused to classify indie game Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number for sale in Australia over a scene in the game with an implied rape scene. Developer Dennaton Games later responded, saying the ACB has “stretched the facts”, and one of its devs Jonatan “Cactus” Söderström has gone on record on Reddit telling people to pirate Hotline Miami 2 if the game does not eventually come out in Australia in PC, PS4 and PSVita. “If it ends up not being released in Australia, just pirate it after release. No need to send us any money, just enjoy the game!” says Söderström. This isn’t the first time that Dennaton Games has run foul of the ACB after the first Hotline Miami took quite some time to be granted a MA15+ rating. Since then, a R18+ rating has been instituted by the ACB, however it still seems to ...

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Xbox One sales

Xbox One sales continue to outpace PS4 in the U.S. in November and December

Even as an Xbox fan, I have to admit that the Xbox One didn’t put up much of a fight for most of 2014. The story was the same, month after month, with Sony’s PS4 dominating sales – that is, until Black Friday. That was when Microsoft discounted its console by $50, bringing it down to $349 USD and has since done some dominating of its own with Xbox One sales. Microsoft just announced that the Xbox One was the top-selling console in November and December in the U.S. saying that the next-gen platform is outselling the Xbox 360 by “50 percent at the same point in its lifecycle”. As a celebration, and presumably a sound marketing strategy, Microsoft is keeping the Xbox One at its limited time pricing of $349 which is sure to jump start its console sales to start of 2015. Speaking about the milestone and new promotion, ...

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Screenshots are coming to the Xbox One

Screenshots are coming to the Xbox One “early this year”

For some time, one of the top things on Xbox One gamer’s wishlists has been the ability to take screenshots. This seems almost unintuitive since the Xbox’s video capture system is actually quite advanced, but Xbox head Phil Spencer has previous said that it’s actually “a little more technically challenging” than you might think. Thankfully though, Spencer says that screenshots are coming to the Xbox One sometime “early this year”. Whenever this update does materialize, it will mark the end of an ordeal since May 2014 when the idea was first suggested. While screenshots wouldn’t be a dealbreaker when purchasing a console, the Sony PlayStation 4 has been able to take screenshots since its launch in November 2013, so it’s a little disappointing that a solution hasn’t come up before this. This is particularly ironic given the emphasis that Xbox puts on the social and community aspect of its ecosystem and being ...

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