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Battlefield 4 CTE

Battlefield 4 Premium Members on any Platform Can Access CTE on the PC

The Battlefield 4 CTE, Community Test Environment, is a location where EA and Dice are testing out various bug fixes, tweaks and even aspects of the next DLC, Final Stand. Previously the CTE was only available to Battlefield 4 Premium members who played on the PC. It would seem that it has changed recently to include all premium members across all platforms. There is a catch though, you still need a PC to get in and play on the test environment. With that being said, everyone who has a premium membership on Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One can download and access the CTE on their PC without having to buy the PC version of the game too. Your PC does need to be powerful enough to do some gaming on though. The process is pretty simple. Head over to the cte.battlelog.com/bf4/ webpage, login with your Origin ...

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NBA Live 15 Quick Review on Xbox One

NBA Live 15 Quick Review on Xbox One: A step in the right direction, but still comes up short

The last NBA Live series game I played was NBA 06, a game that appeared to drop its “Live” nomenclature for no good reason at all. Since then, the series has seen a marketed decline, one marred by a 4 year hiatus with no NBA Live titles released after 2010, with the series getting revitalized most recently with NBA Live 14. NBA Live 15 has now arrived after a short delay in its release, and it faces the ever-daunting task of going against NBA 2K15, its 2K Sports developed rival which has become synonymous with NBA video games in NBA Live‘s absence. But does NBA Live 15 have what it takes to take back the crown from its illustrious enemy? The review that follows was played on the 6-hour EA Access trial on the Xbox One, and while I was unable to try all that was available in the game, ...

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Quantum Break gameplay

This 16 minute video of Quantum Break gameplay will leaving you wanting more

Quantum Break is the latest tantalizing Xbox One exclusive that is being developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Studios. The premise of the game is time – the game follows Jack Joyce and Beth Wilder in their fight to keep time from collapsing after a time experiment goes horribly wrong. While you might think you have heard this narrative all before, it’s the game mechanics of Quantum Break that really have people excited – both protagonists, Joyce and Wilder, are able to manipulate time, to great effect. A Quantum Break gameplay video has been recently released and totals 16 minutes of gameplay, some of which was already seen at gamescom 2014 earlier this year and about 8 minutes of never seen footage before, all narrated by Remedy’s Sam Lake. Check it out below: As you can see, Quantum Break puts a really unique spin on time-based combat, and makes ...

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Sunset Overdrive gameplay trailer

New Sunset Overdrive gameplay trailer vomits colour, action and humour onto your computer screen

If I’m honest, the hype around Sunset Overdrive has somewhat gone over my head the last few weeks, despite being heavily pushed by Microsoft as its latest Xbox One exclusive video game. In truth, I’ve been sinking some serious hours into Destiny (and for the record, loving it) but after watching the latest Sunset Overdrive gameplay trailer, I think I might just have a new game on my wishlist. Check it out below:   Sunset Overdrive reminds me quite a lot of Dead Rising with the open world, third person, mutant/zombie killing vibe, except that everything has had the brightest possible shade of paint thrown on it and has a healthy dose of sardonic humour thrown in the mix. The premise of Sunset Overdrive, in case you haven’t heard (like me), is that in 2027, a certain FizzCo energy drink is released with the unfortunate side-effect of turning everyone into mutants. ...

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Roccat Kave XTD 5.1 Digital PC Gaming Headset is an Affordable Performer for Any Level Gamer [Review]

I have only recently started to get more and more into PC gaming. It took a while. Mostly due to lack of equipment that was capable of playing higher end AAA titles coupled with the fact that I was never very found of playing online with other people. One can only replay the same single player story line for a game so many times before you need to venture to a the mulitplayer side. As gaming progresses, I am finding that there are more and more titles that are bringing online multiplayer only or mixed story-line with a heavy emphasis on muliplayer. To get the most out of these games you need to be able to communicate with others verbally. Let’s face it, trying to type out where you are, what you are doing or what you see really hinders your game play. To get the most out of it ...

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standalone microsoft xbox one kinect sensor

The standalone Microsoft Xbox One Kinect Sensor is officially available now

It was said to be coming, and Microsoft has come good on its promise – the standalone Microsoft Xbox One Kinect Sensor is now available for purchase from Amazon and the Microsoft online store for $149.99 USD. While the Xbox One’s portfolio of Kinect-intensive games is still a bit light, there are a few functions, such as video and voice commands, that make the Kinect a very intriguing accessory. Even having purchased a bundle without the Kinect in it, I myself am considering getting a standalone Kinect now just to try some of these features like voice commands and the face scanning that was recently advertised in NBA 2K15. For those who like the gaming parts of the Kinect better, you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft’s offer when it announced the standalone package still stands – each standalone Kinect will come with a digital code for Dance Central Spotlight, the ...

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Plex for Xbox

Plex finds its way to Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Plex is without a doubt my favorite media serve application to date. The Plex team has apps across every major mobile platform, the major connected TV devices and even offers a dedicated Home Theater build if you have a PC set up on your TV as your media center. They work hard to implement new features, function and to bring the services to other devices that we all know and love. Today I am happy to announce that Plex is finally coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One.   Don’t go freaking out just yet though. There are a few small details that you might want to know ahead of time. For instance, the Xbox One version of the application is available for immediate download as a preview for Plex Pass subscribers. Where as the Xbox 360 version of the app is not quite ready, but will be out soon ...

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The Crew

Ubisoft delays The Crew to December 2nd, with good reason

The Crew is an open world racing game that is being developed by Ivory Tower and Ubisoft. Over the last few months there have been a series of closed betas for PC and is currently underway for PS4 and Xbox One. The Crew was scheduled for a release on November 11th, but after reviewing the feedback and game data, Ivory Tower and Ubisoft will be pushing back the launch by almost a month to December 2nd. “We received a lot of valuable information from the recent PC and console betas,” says Creative Director Julian Gerighty. “We are now scrutinizing all of the player feedback so we can ensure that The Crew delivers the seamless open-world experience that meets everyone’s high expectations.” Some of the things they are looking to resolve and change is the option to remove the HUD so you can see more of the landscape while driving around ...

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Stick It To The Man Review on Xbox One

Stick It To The Man Review on Xbox One: quirky, absurd and absolutely wonderful

I’m a sucker for indie games, but not without reason. In my opinion, this ‘Golden Age’ of indie development has seen some of the most unique art direction and innovative game design that we have seen in recent years, and it’s really putting the pressure onto triple-A publishers when even small teams of passionate people can make games that are technically brilliant and extremely entertaining. The latest game on my list of indie games to play is Stick It To The Man, a creation of developer Zoink Games and publisher Ripstone, which adopts the 2D platformer as its basis, but puts its own very unique spin on it. Stick It To The Man has actually been on PS4 and PS Vita for a while now, but has recently debuted on Xbox One (and Steam) and will be the version we will be reviewing today.   The Story The premise of Stick ...

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Xbox Games with Gold

October’s Xbox Games with Gold are revealed, featuring Chariot, Battlefield Bad Company 2and Darksiders II

It’s almost the end of the month so you know what time it is – that’s right, time to announce next months’ Xbox Games with Gold as part of Microsoft’s ongoing promotion to release free games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. First cab off the rank is the Xbox One’s offering, which in October will be Chariot. An ID@Xbox offering from Canadian developer, Frima, the game features deep cooperative aspects but can be enjoyed alone if none of your friends are online. The somewhat morbid premise of Chariot sees you take control of a Princess and her fiance as they navigate through the game’s 25 levels riding the late king’s coffin. Weird, perhaps, but it is free, and it looks intriguing to play with a buddy. Unfortunately, the Xbox One will again only be getting one new free game this month with Crimson Dragon going ...

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