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Plex is coming to XBox One Courtesy of Tyson Edwards and [email protected]

If you haven’t heard of Plex, you must have been living under a rock.  Plex is probably one of the most complete media streaming solutions available today.  Plex comes in the form of a media server and media clients for almost every client device you can imagine.  From your Samsung and LG TVs to Roku, Chromecast and everything else under the sun.  Thanks to a community member by the name of Tyson Edwards and Microsoft’s [email protected] developer program, it’s on its way to the XBox One. There is a long stream of chats going on in the Plex forums about the Plex client coming to the XBox One and the progress of the application development.  Its still a ways off reading all the chatter, but it’s great to know that its on its way. Here’s just a little bit of what the process entails and what Tyson has had to say about ...

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