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Microsoft smartwatch

We may see a Microsoft smartwatch in October bearing 11 sensors and available to all Platforms

The smartwatch marketplace is getting busier by the week, and while the Android side of the fence has most recently added Android Wear to its impressive lineup of devices and operating systems, iOS and Windows have yet to make a formal reply. With rumblings that Apple is making inroads with Nike on its own wearable device, rumours today have said that a Microsoft smartwatch might also be in the works and may be released in October of this year. This is definitely interesting speculation as the report goes on to suggest that such a smartwatch would have 11 sensors available, which can monitor metrics like heart rate, and have a display on the underside of the band, whose interface is said to be “slick”. In terms of the form factor, the Microsoft smartwatch is said to be more of a Nike Fuelband fitness styled device, and will have an open ...

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