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Oplink WiseHome Package

Oplink unveils Oplink WiseHome! The Wi-Fi home automation system that connects your home

Today, Oplink unveils WiseHome, the complete Wi-Fi home automation system that connects your home with availability sometime this fall. Oplink WiseHome is a family of connected products for smarter living that includes home security, surveillance, safety, Automation, and home health. A powerful mobile-cloud allows multiple groups of authorized Smartphone or tablet users to collaborate with their loved ones, to receive video alarm, alerts and control various homes devices in multiple locations from the palm of their hands. With our new WiseHome, consumers will get a truly affordable, user-friendly connected solution that adapts to a modern mobile, connected lifestyle.   The devices used in the WiseHome solution use ultra-low-power WiFi with built-in energy-saving features for simplicity and convenience, which should result in longer battery life with improved reliability, less maintenance and peace of mind. Oplink offer different levels of services for monitoring, video recording and more.  From what I can see, the system can be purchased without a monthly subscription Oplink ...

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