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JAM Audiop - JAM Voice Portable Speaker with Alexa

JAM Voice is the Amazon Alexa Compatible Competitor from JAM Audio

One of the first Amazon Alexa compatible devices has just launched from Jam Audio at a cost of $79.99.  The 3 inch tall JAM Voice™ Portable WiFi and Bluetooth Speak with Amazon Alexa is now available for purchase on the Jam Audio Website at the regular retail price or you can check out the better details on Amazon where they can be found for $69.99 (when they are in stock).  The Jam Voice is available in Black or White and is 3 inch x 3 inch x 3 inch in size. The JAM Voice™ is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker that integrates with Amazon Alexa Voice Service. Just tap the speaker to ask Alexa a question, like “What’s the weather?” or “How is my commute looking this morning?” With up to four hours of play time, the JAM Voice pairs with other speakers in the JAM Wi-Fi family for a ...

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Samson Meteor M2 Multimedia Speaker System

CES 2015: The Samson Meteor M2 Multimedia Speaker System looks retro and modern at the same time

So many cool and wonderful things come out during CES that it’s almost too difficult to cover it all. One thing that we did notice and had to cover at CES 2015 though was the Samson Meteor M2 Multimedia Speaker System, which looks to combine equal parts retro and modern design to provide an elegant look to any computer or multimedia setup. Of course, the most striking thing about these speakers are their exterior, which is die cast from solid zinc giving it a great look but also great durability, but underneath packs some serious power as well with two 2.5-inch drivers and rear-ported passive radiators. If you’ve never heard of the name Samson before, they are one of the biggest names in professional audio solutions, particularly microphones, so it’s no surprise that their speakers are designed to look like microphones of the past. But custom digital signal processing also keeps ...

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Polk Audio Striker ZX Xbox One Gaming Headset Review

Polk Audio Striker Zx Xbox One Gaming Headset Review: Just how good is Polk’s entry level headset?

Polk Audio isn’t the biggest name in gaming audio yet, but they’re trying their hardest to make the big time. Their latest crusade is being led by the Polk Audio Striker Zx, an entry-level gaming headset for the Xbox One that sits squarely at the bottom of their food chain, superceded only by Polk’s more expensive offering, the 4 Shot. Decked with bright coloured plastic, the Striker Zx looks every part the basic gamer’s headset, but is there more than meets the eye? Let’s check it out.           What’s in the box In the box, you’ll find the headset itself, a micro-USB which can be used to help update your controller when you first plug in your headset, and the Xbox One headset adapter which will enable stereo sound and headset capabilities for your Striker Zx. It’s pretty bare bones, and for $89.95 USD, it probably should ...

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Roccat Kave XTD 5.1 Digital PC Gaming Headset is an Affordable Performer for Any Level Gamer [Review]

I have only recently started to get more and more into PC gaming. It took a while. Mostly due to lack of equipment that was capable of playing higher end AAA titles coupled with the fact that I was never very found of playing online with other people. One can only replay the same single player story line for a game so many times before you need to venture to a the mulitplayer side. As gaming progresses, I am finding that there are more and more titles that are bringing online multiplayer only or mixed story-line with a heavy emphasis on muliplayer. To get the most out of these games you need to be able to communicate with others verbally. Let’s face it, trying to type out where you are, what you are doing or what you see really hinders your game play. To get the most out of it ...

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Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 Featured

Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 Wireless Speaker with Internet Radio Review

With the release of the Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 wireless speaker, bringing an all-in-one wireless speaker system to the general public with an almost portable format that still requires a power outlet.  The Cambridge  Audio Minx Go we previously reviewed was a completely portable speaker system with a rechargeable battery that was much smaller and easily mobile. Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 adds a plethora of connectivity options too with support for Airplay, Bluetooth and a built in internet radio player. It’s great to see a company showing support for so many different connection options instead of focusing on a single type of device.  With support as a standalone radio player and connected player for computers, Android and iOS devices, your choices are plenty. There’s a fair amount of competition in this area, especially in the Bluetooth section so we’ll see how it fares in operation.     The ...

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Blumoo Featured Image with Note ii

Blumoo Entertainment System Controller and Bluetooth Streamer Review

How many times do you look around your home and see a huge pile of controllers lying around.  One for your TV, one for the cable box, one for the audio receiver and who knows what else you may have.  Many of these manufacturers claim to support multiple devices, but you always end up with something not being fully controlled, or not being able to program the multi remote in the first place.  Blumoo is trying to get rid of these remotes and give you a single controller for all your devices.  They are not only providing remote control, but also  Bluetooth audio streaming in a single sleek little box. There have been a few devices released that allow you to control your entertainment devices from your Bluetooth enabled smartphone and Blumoo, from Flyover Innovations Inc, is another attempt at ultimate home entertainment integration. The Blumoo device can be purchase from the ...

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Divoom Voombox Travel with Note 2

Divoom Voombox Travel Review – The Little Big Rugged Package

Big things can often come in tiny packages and that’s what is happening to the mobile speaker industry.  Companies are constantly finding ways to make portable audio smaller, lighter and better sounding.  Divoom’s Voombox Travel is one of the latest rugged travel speaker accessories designed to enhance your listening experience when you’re travelling. The Voombox Travel is a compact puck shaped, Bluetooth 4.0 speaker.  The Voombox Travel is also rugged in design and rated as water resistant. Its easily clipped to your pant loops or backpack via the included carabiner making easily usable on any kind of excursion.   The added bonus is the built in Mic allowing the Voombox travel to act as a speaker phone too.   Specifications: Dimensions: 90 mm diameter, 45 mm thick Speaker: 2″ full range and 2” passive radiator rated at 4 watts Battery: 550 mAh, 2 to 2.5 hours charge time Bluetooth: Bluetooth ...

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Logitech UE Boombox Bluetooth Speaker Review

Logitech UE Boombox Bluetooth Speaker Review Logitech UE Boombox is the big brother to the Logitech UE Mobile Boombox we previously reviewed.  We were completely impressed with the Logitech UE Mobile Boombox and have been looking forward to putting its big brother through the same testing.   Sculpted aluminum and a minimalist design make the Logitech UE Boombox look like a piece of art.  The lack of bells and whistles and the nicely integrated controls are a testament to how a portable speaker should be made. The Logitech UE Boombox retails for $250 so we have high expectations for a portable speaker system like this.  It’s nicely designed, costs a lot of money, so does it live up to its price tag.  Let’s find out.     Sliding off the top cover of the two part packaging reveals the speaker system and AC charging adapter plus a tin fold out instruction ...

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Cambridge Audio’s Minx Go Mixes Unbelievable Battery Life with Awesome Portable Sound

Cambridge Audio, a UK Based audio company has taken their already excellent portable audio technology and added unbelievable battery life to create the Minx Go, a unit that has very capable sound output with a battery than can crank out music for an advertised 18 hours.  With a price tag of $149 they are created some serious competition for similar priced portable audio devices. Inside the box you’ll find the Minx Go, and power adapter, an aux audio cable and carrying bag.   The specifications: 2 x 50mm (2”) woofers 2 x 19mm (0.75”) titanium dome tweeters 1 x rear-firing bass radiator Stereo Bluetooth Connectivity. 3.5mm aux audio Input. USB Charging Port. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (Up to 18 hours battery life from a single charge). Dimensions (W x H x D): 237  x 123 x 60mm (9.3″ x 4.8″ x 2.4″) Weight: 1.08kg (2.4lbs). Digital Signal Processing (DSP) High quality ...

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NYNE NB-200 Bluetooth Speaker Review ~ Awesome Portable Sounds

It seems that Bluetooth speakers are all the rage these days, but NYNE has decided to do something a little different and with the NYNE NB-200 Bluetooth Speaker you get handlebar mounts to attach it to your bike.       NYNE may not be a name you’ve heard much about before but they are looking to change that. Producing Home Audio equipment in the form of large speaker systems with docks for iPhone’s and other smartphones and tablets as well as portable speakers and dockable clocks. They are Located in California and their products are available worldwide.   What do you get The NB-200 is a Bluetooth v2.1 wireless speaker with a range of about 30 feet before the signal degrades. Built out of a water repellent housing about 5.7″ x 3.38″ x 2.8″ in size with a lithium ion rechargeable battery. Want to chat to someone while your ...

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