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Windows 10 will use a new light-weight browser

Adios, Internet Explorer? Windows 10 will use a new light-weight browser, codenamed “Spartan”

Internet Explorer has long been the court jester in the world of internet browsers, though it has made great strides in the last few years. Still, Microsoft is planning an even bigger overhaul for its beloved and infamous browser – it is alleged that Windows 10 will use a new light-weight browser that will truly bring mobile and desktop compatibility to the table. Codenamed “Spartan”, the new browser is not merely a cut-down version of IE, but will be closer in look and feel to other popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, including the ability to install extensions. In this way, it appears that Microsoft will stop supporting the IE line as we know it, with its lineage ending with IE 11 – while IE 11 is allegedly going to be included with Windows 10, it will be served up along side “Spartan” as an option to maintain backwards ...

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20 years of PlayStation

20 years of PlayStation celebrated with a PSone themed grey PS4

20 years ago, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) launched one of the most important consoles in video game history: the original Sony PlayStation. Since then, there have been three additions to the PlayStation family, culminating in the PS4, and to celebrate 20 years of PlayStation, SCE is making a limited edition PS4 that is themed like – you guessed it – a PlayStation. The matte grey exterior that graces the console, controller and camera brings back many fond memories, though you’ll have to be ready if you want to make good on that nostalgia – SCE is only making 12,300 of the limited edition consoles which will go up for pre-order on December 6th. Still, if you can’t get your hands on the limited edition PS4, there is also a PSone theme for the PS4 that Sony has made available recently, which even includes that iconic start-up sound. Although I am ...

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HP Sprout

The HP Sprout is an All-In-One with a Projector, 3D Scanner and Touch Mat

If manufacturers stuck to the traditional molds of what a product should do and be then we would be stuck in a very dark technological world. There would be no touch screen phones, no laptops, no all-in-one PC’s or any of the new things we see in today’s market. Today a new kind of all-in-one has been made public by HP, and, as you can see, it certainly doesn’t look like your typical all-in-one desktop PC. The precarious contraption breaks the AIO mold of a keyboard and mouse, or simply just a touch screen, and adds in a 20-point multi-touch touchpad, touchscreen and a projector. The overhead projector arm also offers 2D and 3D object scanning to bring physical items to the digital world in a snap. You really need to just watch the video of what Sprout can do to get the gist of it all. From a hardware ...

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Toshiba Canvio Desk 5TB External Hard Drive review

Toshiba Canvio Desk 5TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive [Review]

I have always been a bit of a storage hoarder. Generally my storage hoarding pertained to USB thumb drives and micro SD cards. More recently I have been looking towards physical hard drive, both internal and external, for my desktop PC and Chromebooks. When Toshiba contacted me to take a look at their latest 5TB external hard drive, I jumped at the chance. No that wasn’t a typo, 5TB’s and yes, I really did jump. Toshiba is one of the few manufacturers that I have found that manufacture external hard drives that reach the 5TB capacity. Seagate offers an option along with LaCie and Fantom. All of them vary in design and price. This isn’t a comparison review between those guys thouh, this a lok and review of the Toshiba Canvio Desk. So let’s get to it. The Design The Canvio Desk manages to pull off a sleek look with its ...

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cgi head

Real or not real: Australian designer, Chris Jones, makes a mean CGI head

We always knew that computer generated imaging (CGI) technology would eventually reach a level where we wouldn’t be able to separate computer generated graphics from real life. Despite this, it’s still an awe-inspiring experience to actually see it in action. Australia designer, Chris Jones, has been working on CGI work for some time now and his latest exploits have him trying to replicate the human form, and the results are astounding. Check out this video demoing his CGI head, lovingly nicknamed “Ed”: A trip right through Uncanny Valley, I’d say. You will have noticed the hand pop into the video briefly – that was one of Jones’ earlier works, “Mr Hand”, for whom the demo video is below: You really get the sense that we’re almost at the point where we can perfectly replicate a human body, or really anything, in CGI, and Jones’ work has just showed us how close we really ...

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eBay and Paypal

The honeymoon is over: eBay and PayPal will split in 2015

For the longest time, eBay and PayPal have been synonymous entities, but even the strongest bonds sometimes have to come to an end. That is exactly what is going to happen in 2015 when auction giant, eBay, lets PayPal go and operate as its own separate business so that it can better focus their efforts against the growing threat of Apple Pay, Square and other upcoming payment schemes. As a result of all these changes, eBay’s CEO and CFO will step down, but remain as board members, leaving the door open for Devin Wenig to take the reins, and Dan Schulman of American Express will be moving over as the new CEO of PayPal in 2015. This comes after months of pressure to cut away PayPal, and although eBay has previously fought tooth and nail to stop that from happening, it appears the inevitable has happened, though it appears that this ...

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Western Digital My Passport Ultra Metal Edition Review

Western Digital My Passport Ultra Metal Edition Review: WD celebrates 10 years of My Passport in style

The My Passport family of portable hard drives has just turned ten and Western Digital has celebrated by releasing two very special variants, the My Passport Ultra Metal Edition and the My Passport Ultra Anniversary Edition. Today, we’re lucky enough to have the Metal Edition with us to take a look at, so let’s dive in and see what ten years of My Passport have culminated into. The Design It’s hard not to be struck by how attractive the Metal Edition is – I know people always say people are attracted to shiny things, and they’re right. The “radial-spin-design” gives the front of the device an almost holographic quality and it looks great seated on any table in any light. The chamfered edge that goes all the way around the top edge looks great too and looks reminiscent of some of the better looking smartphones on the market. The My Passport ...

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windows 9

Microsoft event on September 30th likely to show off Windows 9

Microsoft has always had a traditionally bizarre, but repeatable, cycle when it comes to operating systems – Windows 98 to Windows XP, Windows Vista to Windows 7 – disappointing Windows releases are often followed up soon after by an operating system that fixes everything that was wrong with its predecessor. Windows 8 has yet to have this successor after it suffered indifference and criticism over its initial release; while the Windows 8.1 update addressed many issues, the stigma with Windows 8 may be too great for it to succeed going forward. That’s where Windows 9 comes in. Windows 9 is expected to succeed Window 8 and fix all its indiscretions, and while Windows 9 is not expected to be released till 2015 sometime, Microsoft looks like it is gearing up for some kind of Windows-related event on September 30th (invite shown above) in San Francisco and the main attraction is rumoured to be ...

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Remember, remember: Holiday.com to be auctioned off for an estimated £20 million on 5th November

Domain names are a big business and it’s not everyday that you can get that seemingly ingenious domain name you just dreamt up. Even rarer is the chance to get a single word domain name, but that is exactly what is going to be up for grabs on November 5th. “Holiday.com” is going to be auctioned off by Breathe Luxury Limited at the World Travel Market after 16 years with its current owners and is considered somewhat of a “holy grail” among travel business. So hot is the competition that the domain is expected to fetch over £20 million, or around $33 million USD. If this seems too ludicrous a price, you’ll be interested to know that “Hotel.com” sold for $11 million USD and “Vacationrentals.com” sold for even more at $35 million. Big business indeed. Breathe Luxury has actually been fielded several seven figure offers for Holiday.com, but feels such a unique ...

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MSN Messenger

A eulogy for MSN Messenger: IM chat service to be shuttered in October

During my younger years, I used MSN Messenger a lot. It was what everyone used, and it was oh-so-hard to eventually make the change to Google Talk. The instant messaging service was so engrained in our lives back then that many of us still can’t get that generic message tone out of our heads. While the service has been phasing out all over the world for some time now and users being switched to Skype, it has been kept running in China due to its popularity there. Even that extra tenure is now going to end after Microsoft started emailing users about the coming demise of MSN Messenger, offering them $2 worth of Skype coupons to stay with Microsoft’s solution rather than migrating to other Chinese messaging services by Tencent, Netease or Sina. MSN Messenger’s final day is going to be October 31st. That will end Messenger’s 15 year run, and although many ...

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