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Nintendo Switch

5 Reasons Why You’re Going To Love The Nintendo Switch

Jimmy Falon has debuted it. Gamers are drooling over it. And you are going to take notice once you know ‘everything that you need to know’ about Nintendo’s latest gaming console.

Dubbed the Switch, this upcoming hybrid video game console is receiving a lot of attention from gamers. Slated for a March 2017 launch, the Switch is a ‘tablet-shaped portable console’ that appears to be a futuristic gaming technology, if you go by the official trailer.

This latest announcement followed Nintendo’s debut into mobile gaming and leaves a lot to be imagined. Speculations are rife that the latest console is going to change gameplay and gamers can’t wait to see what’s in store. Here’s our take on the Switch:


1. It won’t replace the Wii U and 3DS

Although Switch has features that are reminiscent of the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, it is far more advanced on both the hardware and the software front. The additional Nintendo Switch Pro Controller offers more convenience than ever, giving gameplay a new twist. And the cartridge-based concept, similar to that of the 3DS, is something that gamers are going to fall in love with easily. But this is no indication that the new gaming console is going to be a replacement for either the Wii U or 3DS. At least not in the near future.


2. It will be cartridge-based

Remember the “Game Cards” that were an indispensable part of every gaming console in the yesteryears? Prepare to get hit by the same nostalgia as Nintendo brings back the Game Cards, in the form of small cartridges, which will contain the games. You’ll be able to notice the uncanny similarity between these cartridges and the ones you’d typically use in a 3DS to plug and play. No one’s complaining though!

The game maker is basically using a new version of the Game Cards to store the gaming software and has based them on SD-cards instead of optical disks.


3. Discover a new way to play games

New ways to play your all-time favorite games or some new games for that matter is what dreams are made up of for any game lover. The Switch being a hybrid video game console combines a home console and portable console in a single unit.

Want to play games on your most comfortable couch? You have the Switch to the rescue.

Want to continue playing the game on the move? Bingo. You still have Switch to the rescue!

Ergo, you don’t have to purchase two different consolers to play your favorite games on different screens.

This is one-of-a-kind experience that the Switch offers, for which it earns extra brownie points.


4. Enjoy suave-looking components

Nintendo wins in the “design” department by giving Switch some suave-looking features. One glance and you’ll know that it’s a complete shift from rivals PlayStation and Xbox.

With a simple, powerful and extremely flexible main system, it boasts of other components that include –

  • A 6.2-Inch touchcreen – Good news for touchscreen lovers, the Switch console will feature a touchscreen. This was a carefully wrapped mystery, which was confirmed in a recent report. According to it, Nintendo Switch will have a 6.2 inches, 720 p, 10-point multi-touch capacitive screen. This makes the console way ahead than 3DS and Wii U, which both have single-touch screens. This will remind you of smartphone and tablet touchscreens and offer enhanced mobile game-playing experience!
  • The Console – Several control options and a detachable light gray controller are the mainstays of the console. You can detach the controller portions and use them as individual controllers. This options comes in handy when you want someone to join you in local multiplayer gaming.
  • The Pro Controller – The Pro Controller that is going to be released along with the Switch, is black with average-sized grips. A D-Pad, two analog sticks and several buttons may look average, but is way more advanced than that of the Wii U Pro Controller. Gaming geeks will notice that the controller is somewhere between the controllers of the Xbox One and PS4. The placement of the lights however, remain on the bottom of the controller’s face. It also appears to be immensely comfortable.
  • Joy-Con Controllers –  Another component that adds to the uniqueness of the Switch is its funky multiple controller options. These mini-controllers known as ‘Joy-Con’ make local multiplayer games interesting and convenient.
  • The Dock – The Switch dock has a detachable screen with controllers attached to it. This screen can be inserted in the dock, especially when you want to enjoy home-based gameplay. When you want to play at home, all you need to do is to place the Switch in its docking station. Plugged directly into the TV, you can then proceed to play games of your choice by using it as the typical gaming console.

When you don’t want to get interrupted during gameplay, pull the Switch out of the docking station and it will become your handheld gaming console with the same gameplay experience on a smaller screen so you can move to a more private location!

However, it will be more powerful when you dock the console and play.

  • Kickstand – The kickstand makes its debut on the Switch and can be used for hands-free gaming experience. It makes the console stand up on its own without you having to do anything much, which is another reason why the Switch makes an excellent portable console. The trailer showed the console being used on a flight, propped up using the kickstand and the player using a Wii remote (we assume it’s the Joy-Con controllers) to play the game.


5. Get amazed by its Great Graphics

While speculations abound about various other features, there is no doubt about who is going to power the graphics of this device. NVidia will be powering the Switch. It hints at using a custom Tegra processor, which includes NVidia GPU whose architecture is at par with the best GeForce gaming graphics cards. This makes playing some great games on the console a breeze!


The Price

We can’t possibly wrap up the post without mentioning the price specs. Can we? The Switch is speculated to be priced around – $400 or less. This is because its competitors the Xbox One and PS4 Pro are both selling at that price range. So either it will be priced close to $400 or cost lower, in order to survive the competition.


To Conclude

With all its unique features and enhanced options, the Switch does look a lucrative option for avid gamers. But we can’t help wonder why did Nintendo not release the console in the Holiday season? Maybe it is their strategic move to avoid competition or maybe not? For me, I bet all my money on this brilliant new gaming device. What about you?

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