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Why Nintendo announced it was making the Nintendo NX but hasn’t spoken about it since

There’s a special kind of frenzy that Nintendo fans get worked into when the Japanese video game company announces that they are making a new console, but it’s quickly followed by dismay when they refuse to divulge any more details about it. That’s essentially what’s happened with the Nintendo NX, which Nintendo declared it has every intention of making earlier this year, but has failed to talk about since then. So intense has the confusion and criticism been that president Satoru Iwata has had to comment on the NX so that hopefully its fans will understand its plans. At a recent investor brief, Iwata said:

“[The] NX was announced as a new platform alongside the DeNA venture. The NX was announced then to indicate that we are not retreating from game platforms and will continue the hardware business. Normally, the announcement would’ve been made later. It was like revealing a magic trick ahead of time. New proposals require surprises to follow. Such information on the NX won’t be announced until 2016. No announcements today.”

While you can certainly appreciate where Iwata and Nintendo are coming from, announcing something this early is surely going to leave fans fatigued as the development process goes on. I can’t speak for how much hype this is going to build in the long run, but it can’t have helped that they didn’t say anything about it at E3 2015 just a few weeks ago.

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Source: VG247

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