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backwards compatibility for the Xbox One

Microsoft announces backwards compatibility for the Xbox One at E3 2015

What a glorious, glorious day it was for current (and future) Xbox One owners. Microsoft‘s E3 2015 press conference happened earlier today and it dropped a huge bombshell: backwards compatibility for the Xbox One is going to be a reality. Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who announced the new functionality, said that it will be free to use as long as you own the Xbox 360 game yourself – those dusty libraries of Xbox 360 games aren’t going to go to waste after all. Depending on your game format, you’ll be able to download existing games in your library, or if you have discs, insert the discs and presumably install them that way.

With 100 games to be supported when the features launches “this fall” and many more to be added to the library in the near future, this is surely a sure sign that Xbox One will be the more popular destination for Xbox 360 owners who haven’t yet made the switch to the newer generation console. Frankly, I thought this announcement overshadowed anything Sony said simply because Sony’s PlayStation Now service requires you to pay to play PS3 games that you already own. But what do I know anyway.

What do you think about Microsoft’s announcement of backwards compatibility for the Xbox One? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Xbox via Kotaku Australia

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