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Oh. My. Word: Total War: Warhammer gets its first cinematic trailer

The Total War franchise has made its name over the last few years by making breathtakingly vast battles between immense enemies look easy, but the games have always been seeded in the world’s history. That’s no longer true with The Creative Assembly‘s first take on an established fantasy world, and what a world it is. Of course, we’re talking about the world of Warhammer, and the game is called Total War: Warhammer, a beautiful marriage of the Total War series’ epic battles and Warhammer’s formidable lore. At least in theory. And my dreams.

The cinematic trailer sets the scene for what will be the overarching story of Total War: Warhammer, though it’s probably a bit too early to say too much about it. Orcs, Dwarves, Vampires, and Humans look like they’ll all be playable races in the game and we’d hope there are more revealed in the near future. SEGA and The Creative Assembly are said to be making Total War: Warhammer the first in a trilogy of titles on PC – we can’t wait to see where they go with this.

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Source: Overclockers Club

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