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spending 3 hours on Destiny everyday

Players are spending 3 hours on Destiny everyday, says Bungie

Bungie has come out with some interesting statistics at a panel held at GDC 2015, stating that there are currently 17 million players registered on its blockbuster game, Destiny, and that players are spending 3 hours on Destiny everyday, on average, a huge number when you factor in just casual players. Even Bungie is a little surprised by the average playtime statistic – John Hopson of Bungie says that Bungie had originally only expected players to play 39 minutes each session.

spending 3 hours on Destiny everyday
And what are players doing during their 3 hours of gameplay everyday? Well, according to another slide shown at the panel, Destiny players are spending most of their time playing Strikes, closely followed by Story missions, and perhaps most interestingly, the Tower social space. Bungie also divulged an interesting nugget of information during their panel, which was that they knew about the infamous loot cave before Destiny was even released, expect that they believed it wouldn’t become an issue given everything else the game offers. For those who don’t know, the loot cave gained notoriety because it was an easy way to get equipment drops, essentially ‘cheating’ the game’s mechanics, and some players felt it went against the nature of the game. Probably feeling the same, Bungie removed the loot cave soon after it had become a phenomenon.

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Source: Gamespot

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