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Pachter: Xbox One price “will never go back up” from $349

The Xbox One had a pretty shaky opening year, trailing its direct competitor, the PS4, in sales for almost the entire year. Thankfully, Microsoft eventually realized that not everybody needed a Kinect, taking that out of the standard bundle, and following that up with a $50 discount, bringing its price down to $349. That price was introduced as a temporary price for Thanksgiving, but on January 16th, a statement was made that “Effective tomorrow, we have a special promotional pricing of $349”. One would think that this is just a continuation of that Thanksgiving deal, but games industry analyst Michael Pachter doesn’t think so.

“It’s not officially a price cut – it’s promotional pricing. This allows the retailer to advertise regularly $399 and now it’s $349, but I have a feeling it will never go back up.” says Pachter

And Pachter thinks it’s a lot to do with the way Microsoft is approaching this console war with Sony:

“I’m curious to see if Sony is as serious about winning because when you speak to the Microsoft guys and you say, “Do you really care if Sony sells more consoles than you, but you sell 150 million consoles of Xbox? Microsoft would – and I’m paraphrasing – say, “F***in’ A yes I care.” If you say the same thing to Sony, they would say, “If we sell 150 million consoles who cares what Microsoft does? So I think the attitude at Sony is to perform well and make a lot of money, and I think the attitude at Microsoft is to win. People have different opinions about what’s the better way to be. I think investors would rather see Microsoft make money, but maybe there is some long-term strategic benefit from being first place. I don’t know.”

It’s early days yet, so there’s still yet time to see who has the better long term plan, and who’s actually going to make money. What do you think about Pachter’s comments about the Xbox One? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Game Informer via VG247

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