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Xbox One screenshot feature

Phil Spencer gives us a taste of what the Xbox One screenshot feature will look like

We know that the Xbox One screenshot feature is coming sometime early this year, but Xbox has been reluctant to give a solid date as for when it will become available – according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, it is “a little more technically challenging” that originally thought. Considering The PS4 has had screenshot capabilities since day one (which is over a year ago now), this is a little difficult to swallow, but at least we know they are working on it. In fact, Spencer even posted an image on his Twitter yesterday (above), which shows how the highly anticipated screenshot feature is likely to work whenever it is released.

While it takes the same control format as the quick video record, which saves the last 30 seconds of gameplay, I’m unsure how well this kind of screenshot feature is going to work. My primary gripe is that it’s going to be hard to control the exact moment the screenshot is taken – is it taken the moment you double tap your Xbox button, or the moment at which you hit “Y” to save a screenshot? Either scenario still isn’t going to always be ideal for those who like to take screenshots during the action, but I guess it’s better than nothing.

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Source: Twitter via Gamespot

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