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Battlefield Hardline Beta Preload

Battlefield Hardline Beta pre-load up and running, get it ready for tomorrows action

I wouldn’t say I have been obsessing over Battlefield Hardlines Beta launch that is scheduled to hit all platforms tomorrow, but I did log in and out of Origin a few times this morning to see if it was accessible yet. Yes, I even did a search to see if there was a set time it would be available. According to one forum on EA’s Answer HQ, it was set to become available at 10 a.m. PST. Being that it is after that time here on the west coast, I am happy to let you all know that it is indeed listed to start pre-loading.

You will want to head to your Origin account and go to the “Free Games” tab and select ” Demos & Betas” It should appear as the first game in the list and let you start the long process of pre-loading the game to your PC. The Beta, on PC at least, comes in at just over 11GB once all installed and unpacked. The beta will bring along three different multiplayer maps and modes which include Hotwire, Conquest and Heist modes. A bit more on those can be found on our previous report of the beta headed out. There is also supposedly a new ‘Hacker’ mode that will be the equivalent of Commander mode on Battlefield 4 where you can hack into security cameras around the city and help target enemies and set way points for your team.

You can see I am already pre-loading the beta, as are a number of our platoon mates from BF4. If you are playing the beta on the PC be on the look out for AveJoeGamer and the tag TST. That is us. Happy gaming all and I hope to find you on the streets of Hardline.

For more Hardline news hit up the official Battlefield Hardline page,

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