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GoPro Hero4 Firmware update will bring 720p 240fps slow-mo and more [Video]

The GoPro has really done an excellent job at making their brand a house hold name. Even the less technically people I know have some knowledge of what a GoPro is. For us technical people though, it is all about what it can do beyond knowing it shoots video and is tiny. A new firmware update is being worked on for the Hero4 edition of the GoPro and it is bringing some amazing improvements to what it can do for you. One of the biggest features will be the 720p video at 240fps. That is HD slow-motion ability that lets you slow the action down and catch the detail too.

Pretty awesome, right? Beyond the slow-motion aspect, the firmware update is said to also bring in time-lapse video as well. Yes, it did it previously, but now it will take the shots and do its job on the camera versus needing to hook it to a PC and do a little post production editing on it. It also does so at 4K now as well. The good news, the new time-lapse features will be on firmware updates for both the GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver editions.

A few other goodies included will be the use of the internal accelerometer to automatically flip the video over during recording if you happen to have the camera upside down. It happens and is sometimes the best mounting option during use. It won’t continuously flip around it you happen to be doing somersaults either, meaning it locks its orientation once you hit that magical record button. Both the Black and Silver editions will also be gaining 30/6 burst photo mode too. Simply put, it will take 30 photos over the course of 6 seconds.

Unfortunately the firmware update isn’t out just yet, but it is said to launch in February. Keep your eye out for the update and be prepared to go play some more.

Source: Gizmodo

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