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Amazon makes life easier for educators with new Kindle Textbook Creator

Education is extremely important. Providing the tools to educate is even more important. In an effort to help educators bring the tools to students, Amazon has announced the new Kindle Textbook Creator. The new segment of the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), now makes it easy for educators and authors to easily prepare, publish and promote their eTextbooks and other educational content to students on a broad list of devices, which include the Kindle line, iPad, iPhone, Android, tablets, PC and Mac.

“Kindle Textbook Creator makes it easy for anyone to take any PDF and create a richly featured and widely available eTextbook,” said Chuck Kronbach, Director, Kindle Direct Publishing. “We look forward to seeing how authors use the new tool and getting their feedback to guide us in adding more features to KDP EDU over time.”

  • Multi-Color Highlighting—Highlight and categorize key concepts for easy reference.
  • Notebook—Capture key passages, images and bookmarks and automatically add them to the notebook. Students can add their own notes and easily access them from one location.
  • Flashcards—Create flashcards and study important terms, concepts, and definitions in each chapter with a simple, easy-to-use interface.
  • Dictionary—Find definitions and Wikipedia information for difficult terms to improve retention.
  • Buy Once, Read Everywhere—Read eTextbooks on the most popular devices students use, including Fire tablets, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones, Mac, and PC.

With KDP authors can earn 70% royalties while maintaining the rights to their content they create. Creators can also enroll their work in KDP Select for other roalty opportunities in programs like Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owners Lending Library.

This is a pretty slick move for Amazon and should certainly benefit both educators and students in the long run, once material is created and offered. I see colleges using it to generate more revenue, while I would suspect High Schools could easily get involved with free offerings. If you are an educator, or author content for learning purposes, you should go take a look at the KDP EDU site and get involved in this great new way to bring learning materials to students of all ages.

Source: Amazon Media Room 

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