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Theme Hospital

Origin updates the FREE “On the House” game with Theme Hospital

EA’s game hub, Origins, is ripe with betas, free-to-play titles, and the occasionally switched out ‘On The House’ title. The last title that made its way to the freebie section was a classic, Sim City 2000 Special Edition. Hard to not snag that one for free. It looks like EA has updated the page today with a new title for users to snag at no charge with Theme Hospital.

It isn’t Battlefield 4 or Titanfall, but Theme Hospital servers its purpose, especially at the price of free. In a nutshell it is a sim style game where you design, manage and maintain a hi-tech hospital in an attempt to save lives and make cash. It isn’t a highly serious game as there is quit a bit of humor mixed in, like a patient with KingComplex who dresses like Elvis. Theme Hospital made its first debut back in March of 1997 and the graphics are reminiscent of a time when 4k ultra HD and realism weren’t a topic of discussion. Browsing around the web at reviews of the title from the old days turns mediocre scores, but in a time when old school is new school, it might be worth grabbing for nostalgia purposes.

Theme Hospital
To snag the title just log in to your Origin account and hit the store tab, then the drop down on FREE GAMES and click the On the House link. Being as old as it is also means you don’t need an ultra powerful PC or a ton of space, 227.90 MBs actually.

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