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Dev tells Australians to pirate Hotline Miami 2 if game is banned

You may have heard recently that the Australia Classification Board has refused to classify indie game Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number for sale in Australia over a scene in the game with an implied rape scene. Developer Dennaton Games later responded, saying the ACB has “stretched the facts”, and one of its devs Jonatan “Cactus” Söderström has gone on record on Reddit telling people to pirate Hotline Miami 2 if the game does not eventually come out in Australia in PC, PS4 and PSVita.

“If it ends up not being released in Australia, just pirate it after release. No need to send us any money, just enjoy the game!” says Söderström.

This isn’t the first time that Dennaton Games has run foul of the ACB after the first Hotline Miami took quite some time to be granted a MA15+ rating. Since then, a R18+ rating has been instituted by the ACB, however it still seems to reluctant to use if for the purpose it was brought in for. While we can’t condone pirating, this may be the only way to play one of the best indie releases of the year in Australia.

What do you think about the ACB’s decision to refuse Hotline Miami 2 classification? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Reddit via Gamespot

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