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Screenshots are coming to the Xbox One

Screenshots are coming to the Xbox One “early this year”

For some time, one of the top things on Xbox One gamer’s wishlists has been the ability to take screenshots. This seems almost unintuitive since the Xbox’s video capture system is actually quite advanced, but Xbox head Phil Spencer has previous said that it’s actually “a little more technically challenging” than you might think. Thankfully though, Spencer says that screenshots are coming to the Xbox One sometime “early this year”. Whenever this update does materialize, it will mark the end of an ordeal since May 2014 when the idea was first suggested.

While screenshots wouldn’t be a dealbreaker when purchasing a console, the Sony PlayStation 4 has been able to take screenshots since its launch in November 2013, so it’s a little disappointing that a solution hasn’t come up before this. This is particularly ironic given the emphasis that Xbox puts on the social and community aspect of its ecosystem and being able to share experiences with other players. Still, better late than never.

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Source: Xbox Wire via Gamespot

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