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MintBox Mini Linux Mint mini PC

Compact Linux pre-loaded MintBox Mini PC coming soon for under $300

Looking for a pre-loaded Linux mini PC? The newly announced MintBox Mini might be right up your ally. The MintBox Mini is a small form factor mini PC that will come pre-loaded with Linux Mint out of the box.

“With a volume of 0.22l and a thickness of 0.95 inches, the MintBox Mini is small enough to be pocketable. In terms of volume it’s 3 times smaller than the Intel NUC and 5 times smaller than the MintBox. Thanks to its passively cooled fanless design and its internal SSD storage, it’s also completely silent”, says Clement Lefebvre.

The tiny little box packs in an AMD A4 6400T with a Radeon R3 GPU. They shoved 4GB of RAM inside along with a 64GB SSD for speed and storage. As for connectivity you are looking at 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and a Gigabit Ethernet port. You have 5 USB ports open for connecting hardware and external devices with 3 of them being USB 2.0 and 2 being USB 3.0. There is also line in and out jacks for your headphones/speakers and mic, a Micro SD card reader and two HDMI out ports allowing for a dual monitor set up if you desire.

The little minty green unit is set for release in Q2 of 2015 for $295. I am sure many of you are already going, “No, that is way to much for a little box that I can build myself.” As true as that is, there is a benefit here, as part of your purchase of the MintBox Mini goes directly to the Linux Mint team.  It is a great way to get something a little special and support the distro at the same time.

You can purchase one of these little guys over at fit-pc when they become available.

Source: Linux Mint Blog | Fit-PC via BetaNews

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