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Patriot Memory Ignite SSD

Patriot Memory launching new ‘Ignite’ line of SSD’s with read speeds up to 560MB/s in January

At CES 2015 I met up with Patriot Memory to see what new offerings they would be pushing to market this year. The mobile space is a relatively new market that they started breaking into last year and they have certainly upped their game for 2015, but it was their next line of Solid State Drives that kept me drooling. Currently Patriot offers three fiery named SSD’s, The Torch, the Pyro and the Blaze. This year they are adding in a new one that carries the Ignite name.

The 2.5-inch form factor Ignite line of SSD’s will come in just two storage capacities, 480GB and 960GB. They both utilize the newer Phison S10 controller with qualified MLC NAND flash. The 480GB Ignite offers 512MB DRAM Cache while the 960GB carries 1024MB.  In addition, it comes with advanced features such as end-to-end data protection, advanced wear-leveling, Advanced Garbage Collection, smartECC and Smart Refresh.

Ignite_480GB_frontPatriot Ignite 960GB SSD
In terms of advertised numbers the Patriot Ignite line is touting off with up to 560MB/s sequential read speeds with up to 545MB/s sequential write. 4K aligned random reads are 80,000 IOPs with 4K aligned writes at 75,000 IOPs. Patriot also lists the Mean Time Between Failures (MTFB) at 2 million hours. Like with any other SSD, Patriot also gives you a 3 year warranty.

“These are some of the fastest drives that we have had in our lab,” Said Les Henry, VP of Engineering at Patriot. “As you can see we are able to advertise some of the fastest sequential speeds in the market for these capacities.  We were able to hit scores above 1000 using the AS SSD benchmark test with these drives.”

The new drives are scheduled for release via Newegg, Amazon, TigerDirect, Fry’s and other traditional outlets later in January of 2015. Pricing details are on par with current SSD’s of similar capacity on the market today with the 480GB landing with an MSRP around $215 and the 960GB being slightly less than double at an MSRP about $405. Feel free to hit up patriotmemory.com for additional specs and details. As soon as these drives become available I will be sure to let you all know.

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