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Lenovo YOGA 3

CES 2015: Lenovo YOGA 3 11-inch and 14-inch convertibles improve on the YOGA formula

So much happened at CES 2015 that we’re only now getting the chance to catch up with it all. One of the big announcements for Lenovo at CES was the extending of its YOGA family, particularly the new Lenovo YOGA 3 convertibles which introduced an 11-inch and 14-inch version. It goes without saying that both these devices make use of the usual YOGA formula, the two-hinge design which allows the device to be locked in four different positions – Laptop, Stand, Tent and Tablet – depending on your preference or use-case.

Lenovo YOGA 3
But it’s not all just convenience and functionality – the YOGA 3’s have the power to back it up with an Intel Core i7 in the 14-inch YOGA 3, 1080p displays and Windows 8.1. On the entertainment front, both YOGA’s come with stereo speakers and Waves audio which should make for clear audio in multimedia scenarios. Fun fact, at 1.1kg and 15.8mm thick, the 11-inch YOGA 3 is the lightest device in the entire YOGA line.

Lenovo YOGA 3
Lenovo says that these YOGA 3’s will be available in four colours each – Clementine Orange, Platinum Silver, Chalk White or Ebony Black. They will also be priced starting from $799 for the YOGA 3 11-inch and $979 for the 14-inch, available sometime in March 2015.

Make sure to check out more of our hands-on photos with the devices at CES 2014 below.

Lenovo YOGA 3 11-inch

Lenovo YOGA 3 14-inch

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