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Lenovo announces new ThinkPad Stack accessories with 1TB drives and 10,000 mAh battery packs

Today at the International CES PC and smartphone maker Lenovo announces the new ThinkPad Stack accessory lineup. The ThinkPad Stack is a series of additional add-on items that you can purchase to boost your productivity and storage on your laptops, Notebooks and Ultrabooks. They are all interlocking which gives you ability to have one, two or more accessory add-ons in use at one time.

Lenovo ThinkPad Stack

The line up includes:

Bluetooth speaker: for music, movies and conference calls. It features a noice reducing MIC, 2 x 2W multi core speakers, D-note Digital Chip-less power, Bluetooth 4.0, easy access phone and speaker controls and offers 6+ hours of playback time.

Power bank: Pulling a 10,000 mAh battery for charging various devices. This little guy shows your battery level vi an LED in 25% increments, charges via a Micro USB in port, and delivers dua USB out puts. one port is a 5v 2.1A port while the other port is a 5v 1A port.

Access Point: Lets you connect all your devices to one centralized access point. The AP supports LTE/3G dongles, RJ 45 Ethernet port, micro USB for charging, 4+ ours off continuous usage, LED-lit on/off button and Setup/Config SW.

1TB USB 3.0 HDD: This one brings in massive portable storage or added portable storage that is quickly accessible via the USB 3.0 connection. Additionally the HDD is password security protected to help keep help stave off unauthorized access.

You can carry more and do more while taking up less space. The stack lineup uses pogo-pins to pass power and data through the stack of devices. You are limited to a specific product to stack with another. This means you can grab the 10.000 mAh powerbank and match it with the 1TB USB 3.0 HDD and be off to the races.

Pricing wise you will be looking at $89.99 for the Bluetooth speaker stack, $49.99 for the power bank, and $199.99 for the Wireless Access Point or the 1 TB HDD. All the Stack devices are scheduled for launch in April of this year. We also have some exclusive hands-on photos with the Lenovo ThinkPad Stack so check them out below:

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