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New Xbox One SDK makes seventh core accessible to developers

You may have heard that during the week, hackers released the new Xbox One SDK for the purpose of “creativity and research”. While we don’t condone the hacking, we can’t help but notice what was revealed by it. According to Digital Foundry, who has dug into the new SDK, Microsoft has just opened up the seventh core of the Xbox One for developers to start using – prior to this, both the Xbox One and the PS4 have reserved two whole cores for background processing. With this change, developers will be able to access up to “50 to 80 percent of a seventh core”, and according to Digital Foundry this could mean “a small amount of multi-platform titles released during Q4 2014 may have possessed performance advantages over their PS4 counterparts in certain scenarios”. More power, no complaints right?

Unfortunately, this change does come at a cost. The extra processing power was previously powering custom voice controls and the Kinect 2.0, both of which are disabled in this scenario. It also opens up some risk as native voice commands could potentially override whatever was in the core previously. It’s exciting stuff, though we’ll probably never really see tangible quantification as to what is actually different now.

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Source: Eurogamer via Polygon

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