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what's coming next for Destiny

Leaked image shows what’s coming next for Destiny

Destiny is a game for the ages. While it’s been panned by reviews, and simultaneous called the best and worst game of 2014 by some, it’s irrefutable that there are still masses of people still playing the game to this date (including yours truly). So it’s pretty exciting to hear about Bungie‘s future plans for the FPS-MMO-RPG-game seeing as it is a well-known fact that they have a 10-year plan for it. The leaked image that you can see above is the subject of this particular rumour, which allegedly lays out all the game add-ons for the next year or so as well as the ones we already know about.

Obviously we know about the core game, Destiny, and its two announced expansions, The Dark Below and the House of Wolves, but the image tells us that likely coming some time in 2015 will be a larger expansion called Comet as well as two expansions to follow that. And what’s included in each of these expansions? As far as we can tell from the image, it will be more of the same, and just slightly more than usual for Comet, which includes 12 new story missions and changes to allow the base level maximum to become 30. Of course, we should take this information with a grain of salt, especially the contents of each expansion pack as this is allegedly still in flux, according to a source close to the development of Destiny.

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Source: Reddit via Kotaku Australia

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