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Xbook Duo

The Xbook Duo combines both an Xbox One and Xbox 360 in laptop format

Eddie Zarick is a pretty handy guy – his personal projects featured on his YouTube channel include – but are not limited to – the Playbook 4 (a portable PlayStation 4) and the Xbook One (a portable Xbox One). Both DIY modification jobs look very impressive, but Zarick has decided to take this to the next level with the Xbook Duo. Now, if you’re thinking this has something to do with the Xbox One, you’re absolutely correct, except that this time, instead of just having one console in the same portable box, Zarick has managed to get an Xbox 360 in there too. Check out the video of Zarick giving a tour of his handiwork:

This is beyond amazing, and it’s an impressive looking customization to boot. I don’t know if the case gives the Xbox One quite enough ventilation as I know mine gets quite hot even with 75% of the panels being vents, but there’s no denying that this would be a sweet portable rig to take to LAN nights and the like without needing to lug around a monitor and cables. Zarick’s even been kind enough to include a “how-to” video in case you wanted to find out how he did it, or try and replicate his feat, though it’s definitely not a job for the faint-hearted.

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Source: Ed’s Junk via Kotaku Australia

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