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LG Display Art Slim

LG Display announces the ‘Art Slim’ UHD LCD panel, is 75% thinner and 25% lighter

We all want super slim products in our lives. From our ultra thin smartphones and tablets to our super thin TVs. It seems like just yesterday that huge boxes were sitting on equally large entertainment centers. Now we are mounting our flat screens to our walls, and in some cases, our ceilings. The thickness of the modern-day TV is getting even thinner with the announcement of a new LG Display UHD LCD panel, the Art Slim.

The Art Slim brings the “TV like a Picture frame” thickness to our living-rooms with some pretty outstanding sounding dimensions. A TV sporting a 55-inch UHD panel comes in at just 7.5mm thick. Compare that to a typical flat panel LCD that is around 30mm thick. The thickness reduction also makes this super light at 10.4kgs. For us Americans that translates to 0.29 inches and almost 23 pounds. Bump the screen size to 65-inches and it comes it at 8.2mm and 16.2kgs. Or 0.32 inches with a weight of almost 36 pounds.

“In the future display market, design differentiation will become an important competitive factor in addition to picture quality,” said Hwang Yong-gi, vice-president, LG Display TV Business Division. “We will expand the Art Slim product lineup ranging from 43-inch to 65-inch panels and lead the market in 2015.”

Much of the thickness has been reduces by gluing existing parts together rather than fixing them to a solid structure. In turn this makes the aluminum housing more of a cover than anything and allows for individual consumer customization in choosing exterior color options to compliment their homes and offices.

There are said to be a number of these panels fitted inside a few products that will be on the show floor at the 2015 International CES that is happening next week. I will be on the lookout for a few of them at the LG booth and see just how insanely thin they really are.

Source: etnews 

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