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Game of Thrones is the 'most pirated' TV show of the year

Game of Thrones is the ‘most pirated’ TV show of the year. Again.

The headline is becoming a regular fixture at the end of every year: “Game of Thrones is the ‘most pirated’ TV show of the year”. In no way is it surprising given the show’s runaway success, and for the third year in a row, no less, but just how far ahead it is of the competition in terms of downloads boggles the mind. Torrentfreak released some interesting figures in its annual review, estimating that episodes of Game of Thrones were downloaded over 8.1 million times, which when compared to the number of viewers in the U.S. (7.16 million) who (legally) watched it on TV, is rather large.

A distant second and third are The Walking Dead (4.2 million downloads) and The Big Bang Theory (3.6 million downloads), and it also appears that the number of downloaded TV episodes has risen in the past year. Also take into account that this is only torrent-tracked downloads, not including file-hosting services and streaming, and you start to get an idea of just how rampant online piracy is getting. It’s rhetoric that almost everybody is used to hearing, yet so little is being done in the regions where piracy is most prevalent, but until there is something done, don’t expect these headlines to go anywhere anytime soon.

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Source: Torrentfreak via engadget

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